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Turning online attendance to deeper engagement
Turning online attendance to deeper engagement. The transition from cyber church to physical church is not necessarily a smooth or fluid one. Recognise the audience. It's a different audience with a different set of needs.
We are in the same storm, but not in the same boat 
It is very important to see beyond what is seen at first glance - not just looking, actually seeing. We are all on different ships during this storm experiencing a very different journey. Please realise that and be kind.
God sent a cleaner
Pastor Lee McClelland recently contracted Covid-19 and was in a critical condition in hospital. "I remember really crying to the Lord and asking him to help me and somehow encourage my heart and strengthen me." The next morning a cleaner came in..
Becoming a carbon neutral church
There are various sources of information to help you to manage and reduce the carbon footprint of the church i.e. the people and the buildings/events. What actions can you take?
Religious Change in Britain -1991 to 2018 
Data from British Social Attitudes (BSA) surveys. The questions gauge different aspects of religion in wider society: religious authority, belief in God, other religious beliefs, and religious activity.
Kingdom in the Workplace 
"I had overlooked my immediate mission field 8 hours a day, five days a week. I observed that my colleagues, were in fact an unreached people group. And they were my people group."
Fresh expressions - kingdom advance
Encouraging news from different denominations regarding how Fresh Expressions of church has flourished over the last 15 years. Up to 25% of attendees in some areas.
Ekklesia - 24/7 Church
Always people, never buildings. Vibrant, expansive, operating 24/7, unstoppable capacity for growth. A mobile people movement, operating in the marketplace to impact everybody and everything.
7 surprising trends in global Christianity in 2019 
Facts and trends from The Status of Global Christianity, published by The Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
4 million micro churches planted in less than 30 years
"We're having over a million baptisms reported, and around 150,000 simple churches started every year. And that's starting from a house church on our back porch. These churches are having babies. The longest I know, of since March 2013, is 38 generations.
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Online - Life on the Breadline conference
How has austerity impacted people in the UK? What are the implications of this for theology and faith-based social action? 2 years into the Life on the Breadline research, this conference grapples with these questions with a particular focus on Christian responses to UK poverty and austerity. The conference will have two keynote speakers: Human geographer Dr Sarah Marie Hall from the University of Manchester speaking on the unequal impact of austerity from her recently published everyday austerity ethnography, and theologian Professor Rachel Muers from the University of Leeds speaking on Christian social action and class.
Online - Thrive Conference 2020
What is God saying to us about how we support those around us suffering from fear, anxiety & uncertainty? What are the tools that people need to thrive in these new realities? What are the tools and principles for leading well at work? We are seeking to focus on six key areas for the 2020 conference: T - teaching. Biblical truth for troubling times. What does the Bible teach about how to thrive in times of difficulty? H- harvest. What are we seeing, where is God at work? How do we partner with God in bringing in the kingdom harvest? R - refresh. Personally, collectively, nationally, ecologically - helping us to find pools of refreshment amidst the many challenges I - inclusion. How do we work shoulder to shoulder with non-Christians in our workplace and cities to bring kingdom blessing to our nation? V - vision. What lies ahead for the church, work, and Scotland? What are the key principles and playbook for thriving in the new normal? E - ecosystem. How can we build a gospel eco-system that blesses our communities, cities and workplaces?
Online - Churches that Change Communities 2020
The event will take place online, with the morning programme of worship, prophetic contributions and keynote messages streamed live from The Message Trust in Manchester. Our keynote speakers are Martin Charlesworth and Rachel Gardner, and Sam Ward from the Message Trust will co-host the day alongside Martin. In the afternoon, around 15 pre-recorded seminars will be released, and delegates will have exclusive access to them until the end of the month - no longer do you have to choose just two, but you can watch as many as you like. The event will encourage and equip those working on the front line of social action and those churches with a heart to serve the most disadvantaged in our communities. It will be a call to us to rise up and act for the good of those around us trapped in poverty in the wake of the coronavirus.

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