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Café Church 
Two examples of church communities using high street cafés and the relationships that are formed.
GB is one of the least religious nations in the world 
23% claimed their religion defined them as a person, while 62% agreed that religion did more harm than good
What bubble have you built around you?
People have a bias to hang out with people like themselves and keep separate from others.
Is the social role of churches invisible? 
75% of UK adults cannot name any of the activities that take place inside their local church other than regular services and religious festivals.
Lessons from churches in deprived areas 
Flourishing estate churches are right at the heart of what the gospel means, and if things work on an estate, then they can work anywhere.
Letting go of a megachurch - taking on a new adventure
I now want to gather people. Gatherings where they can actually use their gifts. Starting with just leading a small group, maybe I can just start multiplying that, teaching other people to lead and shepherd these groups.
Beacons of light across the nation 
At a recent prayer day in Westminster Chapel, Terry Virgo was asked to talk about revival. These are some edited notes of his short talk.
The largest part of the Church in the UK
We have been living through a period of exceptional change and transition in the Church in the UK resulting in a large invisible church.
Mental health and the Church 
Difficult emotions and challenging experiences are part of normal life, and we'll probably all have them at some point.
Marriage - a profound mystery 
A beautiful 3 minute film that reminds us of Jesus and his bride, the Church and the gospel.

Events (2 found)

On the Road - 3rd national Anglican Fresh Expressions Conference - York
@The Belfrey Low Petergate York YO1 7HH
The conference is for everyone committed to evangelism and growth. It is an opportunity for those involved in fresh expressions of church, growing our parish churches, church planting/grafting and pioneering, or who are interested in knowing more. We will gather to be encouraged and inspired by listening to others and their experiences and sharing our own. There will be workshops covering a range of topics, from well-known leaders in their respective fields.
Urban Congress 2017 - Birmingham
@St Luke’s Church, Great Colmore Street, B15 2AT
Staying in the City (Luke 24.49) - Sharing Stories of Hope and Holding On. aims to inspire, refresh and energise us all in the ministries to which God has called us across the Inner Urban and Outer Estates of Birmingham. The day is for Laity and Clergy to hear and share stories of hopefulness; of where they sense God's Kingdom breaking through, and where it feels like there are times of simply holding on; being faithful to God’s calling.

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