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Kingdom in the Workplace 
"I had overlooked my immediate mission field 8 hours a day, five days a week. I observed that my colleagues, were in fact an unreached people group. And they were my people group."
Fresh expressions - kingdom advance
Encouraging news from different denominations regarding how Fresh Expressions of church has flourished over the last 15 years. Up to 25% of attendees in some areas.
Ekklesia - 24/7 Church
Always people, never buildings. Vibrant, expansive, operating 24/7, unstoppable capacity for growth. A mobile people movement, operating in the marketplace to impact everybody and everything.
7 surprising trends in global Christianity in 2019 
Facts and trends from The Status of Global Christianity, published by The Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
4 million micro churches planted in less than 30 years
"We're having over a million baptisms reported, and around 150,000 simple churches started every year. And that's starting from a house church on our back porch. These churches are having babies. The longest I know, of since March 2013, is 38 generations.
Bible-based trauma healing
Trauma is part of the human experience in the broken world. How do people recover from trauma? Can the Bible help? What can the Church do? The Healing the Wounds of Trauma model can be used in any context.
Roving listening
Spending time with the neighbours in community, not to gauge their needs but to understand the talents. Hundreds of people now pass under the church's roof each week.
Repositioning the Church to reach the lost
It's easier to attend a church that gathers lost people than become a people who alter communities. Yet God is not sending lost people into church; He sends the Church out into the world.
Navigating the asylum system
The Refugee Resource Centre for Churches (R2C2) was set up at the request of many Christian groups working with refugees in Britain, bringing together the expertise and experience of those involved in this vital work.
In the West, the church is less and less effective at reaching a changing world but many in the church continue to believe the church maintains a central role in the life of culture. Time to ReThink.

Events (3 found)

Church Through a Tech Lens - London
@GlobeSpace 140-148 Borough High Street London SE1 1LB
Christians are often portrayed as a bit backward with regard to technology, but is this really the case? On Monday 3rd Febuary we've invited church history lecturer Tom Breimaier to join us. We'll be exploring how technology is on display in history of the church, and how that challenges us to think of where we go, and what we build, from here. Tom introduces the session: "We'll be considering three main ideas; first, how do we see technology on display in the Bible? Second, we’ll look at how the church has incorporated various technological elements into it’s work over the past two millennia. Finally, we will consider together where we might go from here."
The Fourth Revolution - London
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