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Different types of storms
In the New Testament we see three types of storms; First type - believers cry out, Jesus stops it. Second, Jesus invites us to face it, walk on water, and then rescues us, Third type is the most severe storm..
Radical faith in the underground church - 1 
This church movement has no bank account, charitable status, central leadership, denoms, church buildings or seminaries and if any one is caught they could be executed or put in prison and yet it is exploding.
You marry the mission and date the model
"Hey, we're out of the 'Here comes Sunday' rhythm. So what can we do with this time? What can we do with this energy? What can we do digitally? What can we do in the community to be the hands and feet of Jesus?"
The Underground - 2
The Underground now has over 200 microchurches across the city, each with its own distinct ministry - no two the same. What a group of people can do who conceive church in an entirely different way - from the vantage point of mission.
The Underground - 1
A true story of a 10-year experiment that unpacks the possibilities of a church structured and streamlined for mission. Over the last ten years the church has been validating its ideas with sustained and growing results.
Business as ministry
Business people have not been affirmed in their gifting in the body of Christ. And business itself remains a largely untapped resource for global mission. How do we achieve the paradigm shift from where Sunday and Monday are disconnected?
Evangelism in a digital age - 5
People are dropping into our online presence and seeking to hear about God, to encounter God, to see if God encounters them. They have just found a safe place to find their answers about God
The Lantern Network
Imagine that friends got together, built out an ecosystem of microchurches, little businesses, not only to sustain livelihoods, but to engage culture and bless it. Someday they might say, "You're making it hard not to believe."
Are we willing to pay a price?
In 42 years, a very dark time of Iran's history, over a million people have turned to Christ. Persecution is increasing. Iranians are paying a price. A sacrificing church who knows how much Jesus has loved and sacrificed.
Repositioning church as a mission agency
Having experienced a movement that produced over 200,000 new disciples and 22,000 different microchurches - ordinary people who were making new disciples in new contexts, then, "Okay, why not here why not us?".
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Online - Being Interrupted with authors Al Barrett & Ruth Harley
Al Barrett and Ruth Harley open a door to a creative disruption of the status quo, ‘from the outside, in’: the in-breaking of the wild reality of the ‘Kin-dom’ of God. Through careful and unsettling readings in Mark’s gospel, alongside stories from a multicultural outer estate in east Birmingham, they paint a vivid picture of an ‘alternative economy’ for the Church’s life and mission, which begins with transformative encounters with neighbours and strangers at the edges of our churches, our neighbourhoods and our imaginations, and offers new possibilities for repentance and resurrection.
Online - New housing conversations. Mission in a New Housing context - Unity and Diversity
Using the recently published ABC's Commission Booklets this conversation will help is explore the practicalities, planning and evaluation of mission in a New Housing context. Please see Section C - How to work together as the body of Christ and Section E - How to engage in different contexts by following this link:

Who is it for? People with experience (or wanting experience) in engaging in mission within new housing as a practitioner and/or enabler

Aim - to enable relationships and networks to develop around new housing engagement across denominations to make a difference at both strategic and grassroots levels. We hope to strengthen and encourage one another in our mission and ministry and inspire and equip others to join in sharing God's love with new housing areas around the country.
Online - Healing the Earth: Reconciling Mission
What contributions can Christians and churches make to addressing the global environmental crisis, and what it might mean for us to play a part in healing the earth, instead of exploiting it?

Alastair McKay (facilitating), Executive Director, Reconciliation Initiatives, Ali Angus, Leader of Eco Church, St Leonard’s Streatham, Alex Hilton, Head of Sustainability, HM Revenue & Customs, and Rachel Mash, Environmental Coordinator, Anglican Church of Southern Africa.
Online - Transform Our World Global Virtual Conference
History has documented time and time again that God uses the events of an “Evil Day” to become the set-up for His power and glory to be revealed. God is about to do something extraordinary.

We have taken divine inspiration from Revelation 12:11: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

There are three weapons listed here to defeat the evil one in order to push back and overcome the prevailing spiritual darkness. All three of them will be showcased with solid Biblical teaching as well as inspiring and empowering testimonies from our leadership around the globe.

God is turning impossible situations and set-backs into set-ups for His breakthrough!
Online and in person - Churches that Change Communities 2021
@Message Trust, Harper Road, Sharston Industrial Estate, Manchester M22 4RG
While the pace of the vaccine roll-out and the Government’s road map may have given many of us hope for the future, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, especially for the poorest in our nation.

At the 11th annual Jubilee+ Churches that Change Communities  conference, we will be exploring what comes next. With many of our churches already at the forefront of social action and justice in our communities, what will we do if the needs around us rise significantly? How will we support those who were already in poverty and those who have been plunged into it by the economic impact of the pandemic?

Churches all across the country are asking, “What next?” At Jubilee+ we believe it is time to move beyond projects: we want to see people set free from poverty and injustice and empowered to stay free.

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