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Roving listening
Spending time with the neighbours in community, not to gauge their needs but to understand the talents. Hundreds of people now pass under the church's roof each week.
Repositioning the Church to reach the lost
It's easier to attend a church that gathers lost people than become a people who alter communities. Yet God is not sending lost people into church; He sends the Church out into the world.
Navigating the asylum system
The Refugee Resource Centre for Churches (R2C2) was set up at the request of many Christian groups working with refugees in Britain, bringing together the expertise and experience of those involved in this vital work.
In the West, the church is less and less effective at reaching a changing world but many in the church continue to believe the church maintains a central role in the life of culture. Time to ReThink.
Culture Makers 
A call to Christians not to forget the rest of life and ask the question: ‘What should I be doing in my world to bring God’s redemptive love and power into it?’
What do I use today to make a difference for Christ? 
The Mayor recently became a believer, and exclaimed, “Every town should have a Father’s House!” She advocates a video about the transformation of the city.
Freed from Shame 
Real-life stories from Christians struggling with various mental health issues and suggestions for churches and individuals supporting people.
Empty-handed ministers - 1 
In stripping your team of their basic resources, Jesus is forcing you to rely completely on the local resources of those you visit due to your posture of dependence.
Trust in the Church 
The Charity Awareness Monitor includes a regular module on trust in public bodies and institutions. How is the Church perceived?
Anglican church-based social action 
Responding to social issues and building community. Report on Church in Action 2017: A National Survey of Church Based Social Action.

Events (2 found)

State, Church and Community - A Conversation - London
@St Mary's Church High Street Putney London SW15 1SN
What is the role of the church in healing divisions and strengthening community, not least at this time of social and political upheaval?
This is the subject of our next public conversation, State, Church and Community, on Thursday 14 March. We're excited to bring you a great panel, and we look forward to a lively discussion.
Our speakers are: Lord Glasman, founder of Blue Labour and life peer in the House of Lords; Professor John Milbank, Anglican theologian, philosopher, poet and political theorist; Jenny Sinclair, founder director of Together for the Common Good; and Co Chief Executive of Cinnamon Network UK, Mike Royal. The discussion will be chaired by Elizabeth Oldfield, Director of Theos.
Ekklesia 2019: Church Leaders' Conference - Milton Keynes
@The Ridgeway Centre Featherstone Road Wolverton Mill South Milton Keynes MK12 5TH
Ekklesia is an overnight conference for church leaders to explore the power of the gathered community together. This is a space for the raw and the real, a space to unpack some of the thinking and the practical ideas that help us effectively bring about Kingdom change. The conference will be set up with round tables so that everything that is shared can be dissected and contextualised with other church leaders. There will be space to make God connections with other pastors and ministers and hear from a range of local church scenarios.

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