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Digital Theology and the Church - Stalybridge
@Holy Trinity Stalybridge Trinity Street Stalybridge SK15 2JS
Great changes in science and technology have always had the power to transform ourselves and the Church. The printing press, the industrial revolution, the Space Age… all have reshaped our societies and communities. The Church has often been at the forefront of many of these advances. We have used them to spread the Gospel more widely than ever before. We have used them to shake up corrupt political power and to help educate and lift people from poverty. But the latest and greatest is perhaps that of the Digital Age. Thanks to the transformative power of this technology we can now communicate faster, further and in closer connection with a truly global audience. We have new methods to tell our stories to anyone who will log on, listen, read or view. Balanced with this though are the ways in which the digital world has the potential to increase divisions and distance between people like never before. Beyond this it also opens up new ideas and possibilities about what it means to be human, community and Church. Join us as we spend a day exploring these ideas, going beyond simple talk of clicks, likes and views to dig deeper into what it means to a Christian believer in today’s digital era.
2020 Estates Three-day Conference 2020 - Swanwick
@The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Alfreton, Derbyshire DE55 1AU
The challenges of leading a church into growth on our urban estates are especially acute - confident Christian presence in such communities is vital. This course will be tailored to the needs of lay and ordained leaders from urban estates churches and will be led by people with experience of this ministry.

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