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Fresh Expressions (FX) Community Gathering - Swanwick
@The Hayes Conference Centre Swanwick Alfreton DE55 1AU
Theme will be – “Going to the margins – engaging the dreamers, poets and prophets….” Bob Hopkins writes; “At the June Fresh Expressions Community gathering ……we were all asked to be open to what God might be saying to us as His perspective on the mission challenges at this time and place (UK). I am not at all a right-brain person and never get creative ... have never written poetry or significant prose. However, I felt that I should get a piece of A4 and be open to write. Then these words came to me in less than 5 minutes...with no pause or diversion, no need to correct or amend. It just flowed until it seemed complete... just filling the A4 sheet!" Bob shared his poem to those gathered, it was far beyond just words, it captured our heads and hearts. It echoed with those present so much so it was followed by rapturous, spontaneous applause. Poets and prophets can fire our imagination, pull us up short, connect us with God in ways beyond the present, to help us to see the new that the Holy Spirit is doing and call us into a future yet to be determined….
Threads - Fresh Expressions and innovative mission - Penrith
@Stoneybeck Inn, Bowscar, Penrith, Cumbria CA11 8RP

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