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Why news is so negative
If a headline reads, "Some very sad, terrible news to share", it's hard to resist opening the article. It makes an important point though - consuming news of the awful is addictive. What are effects?
White mailboxes
Primary school children can write about anything that weighs on them. The letters are read every day and a professional team of psychologists, doctors, educators and law enforcement then confidentially work to find solutions.
From community involvement to community engagement
Transformational community-driven engagement shares power with community and is built on trust, transparency, and mutual accountability. Shifting power to the community can be done in a variety of ways.
9 ways of communicating the gospel to postmoderns 
Their world view states there is no objective, absolute truth; ”truth” is what you believe it to be. So how can we convey understanding of the One who is the “way, the truth and the life” to them?
What if your local government budget was aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
Since 2019, budgets of Strasbourg have been mapped to the SDGs. It's given greater legitimacy to local actions through clear objectives and increasing impact.
ACEs reduction is a community initiative
Resilience is the responsibility of not just one sector, but all sectors. Could every sector share the information on ACEs, brain development, and resilience as a platform on which to build particular strengths, skills, and capacities?
6 keys of connection: turning your neighbourhood into a community 
Neighbours are a wellspring of abilities, knowledge, passions, experiences. When we encourage, support, share, enjoy neighbours, we put the world to rights on our street, build connection.
Using mass media to create positive behaviour change and peacebuilding 
Mass media propaganda has been used to generate hatred and perpetuate conflict. Can it also be a tool to maintain and rebuild peace and change negative behaviour? Some insights..
What happens when a school bans cell phones?  
Kids have learned to talk to each other again instead of texting. Engagement in class has improved markedly. Kids appreciate the peace and quiet, mental calm from not constantly responding to social media.
City transformation
One thing we have learned is that when you have purpose plus unity plus communication, you have unlimited potential. We, the Ekklesia and authorities and others, have the same vision - to see our city transformed. God is connecting us.
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