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Online - Fleetwood: connecting stakeholders to support the growth of the community
In the session we will provide a brief overview of the Little Book (See blog Working in partnership for positive health - stories from Fleetwood) and talk about the Healthier Fleetwood programme from the perspective of professional stakeholders (People and organisations who have worked with Healthier Fleetwood). We will cover what Healthier Fleetwood is and how it positioned itself in a way to connect and support the local community in the UK coastal town of Fleetwood. We will highlight some of the key insights to replicate the programme in other UK towns moving forward and provide access to the Little Book and other material.
This session is for organisations, policymakers, local authorities, public health organisations, NHS professionals, Voluntary Sector Organisations and any other relevant stakeholders with interest in developing a community programme to support the community.
Online - Stronger 2023
Content brought to you live across five days that will inspire, equip, and raise faith. As with all that we do, the event is about strengthening your faith and helping you impact the world as you respond to the calling of God on your life.
We will be looking at these 6 themes across the conference:
Leadership & Influence
Kingdom & Culture
Digital & Social
Communication & Media
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Business & Finance

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