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Norwich Mustard - story of a co-operative 
Since 1858, Norwich has been the home of mustard but in Jan 2018, Unilever, which owns Colman’s, announced they were moving production. Local people came up with an idea to start their own cooperative community business.
7 habits of institutional radicals 
Imagine a world where every institution, whether within the spheres of commerce, government, or civil society, had an active policy to reduce dependence on their service, by increasing interdependence in community life.
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 3
A look at six policy strands in the legislative theme of 'Building capability and capacity in services and communities for trauma-informed best practice'.
Common Good Schools Programme
Unique 10-week programme enables young people to put the principles of Common Good thinking into practice-respecting the dignity of each human being, contributing to positive social relationships, demonstrating stewardship and valuing community.
Aiming to help one billion people reduce food wastage 
Olio's app prevents food waste by connecting neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.
Policy recommendations re Adverse Childhood Experiences - 1
As the UK increasingly becomes ACE-aware through various initiatives, there are policies that have been enacted in USA and Canada since 2014. Analysis of such legislation reveals a great awareness of the effect of ACEs.
The Resilience Challenge
What information, if it were flowing through the people of your community, would start them on a journey together toward really strong, healthy living? Could your church be instrumental in doing this?
Flourish - a game to increase community wellbeing and wealth
Participants can explore how to work towards a more equitable and participatory society; one that moves away from purely financial measures of success to focus instead on how psychologically healthy our communities are.
Case studies of local regeneration through crowdfunding
Examples of crowdfunding models used to fund projects which are owned and run by the communities they serve, enabling community-led regeneration and boosting local resilience.
Homelessness and Community 
The issue is not one of house-lessness, rather homelessness. Putting a roof over someone’s head does not provide them with the sense of acceptance and belonging that is needed to find a home. Homelessness and community have to be understood together.
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The Happiness Course Leaders Training Day - London
@Livability Head Office,, 6 Mitre Passage,, London, Greater London, SE10 0ER
This day will train you to run Livability’s “The Happiness Course” in your community. The Happiness Course is a four session course based on scientific research, ancient wisdom and real life experience. Participants can apply the course to improve their own happiness, and churches can use it to make their community a happier place. The Happiness Course was developed by Livability to support churches in having meaningful conversations about happiness and wellbeing. In every session we talk about our experiences, examine what science tells us, and then explore practical tools that we can use during the week. The course starts by asking the simple question ‘What makes you happy?’ It then examines four different kinds of happiness – pleasure, success, relationships and meaning.
Stronger Things: Unleashing Community Power - London
@Guildhall, City of London
New Local Government Network - Stronger Things is for those who know that the solutions to our most pressing challenges can only be found in our communities. We will host over 400 senior people from across the UK’s public sector, and beyond, to share their successes and challenges of empowering communities. This conference will give you the connections, tools and insights you need to further that vision at your organisation.
Communities of Reform Day Workshop - Cambridge
@The Jubilee Lounge St Andrews House, 59 St Andrews St. Cambridge CB2 3BZ
Join Jubilee Centre for a day workshop exploring a theological framework and inspiring practices for 21st century ‘communities of reform’. Are you troubled by the lack of meaningful Christian witness in many public institutions? Do you long to see the redemptive influence of the gospel in business, education, healthcare or government? We are convinced that long-lasting reform is only possible when believers commit to working together for the common good over the long haul. Join us for a day workshop exploring a theological framework and inspiring practices for 21st century ‘communities of reform’, as well as connecting you with other like-minded Christians.
Proximity 2020: Come Follow Me - Manchester
@Lighthouse Church, Manchester, M50 1RE
Proximity is a two-day conference hosted by the Eden Network. It aims to equip, challenge and inspire those involved in or thinking about urban mission. This conference is for any Christian who seeks to love where they live. This year we will be exploring Jesus’ call to ‘come, follow me.’ We will explore what this call meant to those who walked and talked with Jesus and ask whether we are ready to follow him in order to reach the least, the last and the lost. We’re excited to announce that Shane Claiborne will be joining us for Proximity 2020.
Mental Health, Isolation and Loneliness - London
@2nd Floor Meeting Hall Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street Westminster SW1P 4AU
An evening hearing from churches & organisations working to help support those in the community with mental health, isolation and loneliness; an evening to share ideas, good practice and network. CapitalMass in partnership with Livability.

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