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CEO blueprint for achieving racial equity
Ideas on themes; Designing HR practices that are actively anti-racist, Expanding worker power, Designing products and services, operations and supply chains that ensure racial equity.
Social enterprise and the Church
What if our models shifted from donations to empowering sustainable initiatives that spark lasting change in individuals and communities? Sharing the love of Christ can extend in powerful ways to the hurting and hungry.
5 insights from Business Fights Poverty Online 2020 
Attended by 1000+ delegates worldwide, the pandemic has put the spotlight on business purpose, protecting the vulnerable in value chains, technical skills, equity, interconnectedness...
Faith groups and social cohesion 
Faith groups’ positive contribution to social cohesion deserves greater recognition and greater influence on cohesion policy. "Faith groups play a central role in social cohesion while providing crucial services."
Are we really well?
Have we created environments that help us to be well? How can we build wellness together where we live? There are four key foundations on which we need to build..
Let's continue to build community - a new table
The table is not a physical object sitting in some meeting room at the Town Hall. It’s not a visioning session, public hearing, or an online form. The table is out there. The table is our community.
Family matters for student performance
Student performance cannot be understood apart from family dynamics. What should our communities and larger society be doing to help ensure that future generations of children have a stable, supportive, family life?
Let's continue to build community - adding deliberation
Deliberation - debate used together with participation e.g. voting ensures meaningful engagement on a large scale giving a central place to citizens in decision-making processes.
ACEs e-learning
A number of free, government funded, online courses which take under 1 hour to help you and contacts in the community find out more about Adverse Childhood Experiences - stressful events occurring in childhood which raise risk of poor life outcomes.
Let's continue to build community - by pursuing the Common Good
A free Guide shows you how to run 4 short group sessions locally with people from across the community as a basic introduction to Common Good principles and develop an action plan for your context.
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Online - Churches that Change Communities 2020
The event will take place online, with the morning programme of worship, prophetic contributions and keynote messages streamed live from The Message Trust in Manchester. Our keynote speakers are Martin Charlesworth and Rachel Gardner, and Sam Ward from the Message Trust will co-host the day alongside Martin. In the afternoon, around 15 pre-recorded seminars will be released, and delegates will have exclusive access to them until the end of the month - no longer do you have to choose just two, but you can watch as many as you like. The event will encourage and equip those working on the front line of social action and those churches with a heart to serve the most disadvantaged in our communities. It will be a call to us to rise up and act for the good of those around us trapped in poverty in the wake of the coronavirus.

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