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Building the Common Good
The Here: Now: Us People Common Good Training Workshop is a one-day introduction to the Common Good, designed to empower and equip people from across the Christian traditions to help strengthen civil society and build community.
How compassion can triumph over toxic childhood trauma  
Supportive relationships are a key ingredient for change. Support from friends, family, spouses or neighbours or involvement in community can boost the quality and security of life for people.
Transforming Poverty - small group course
Six sessions for churches and house groups using the film 'I, Daniel Blake' to engage with God’s heart for poverty in your community.
Neighbourhood soup 
Why not hold the occasional micro-granting event to help highlight and fund local projects in your community? A collaboration, a meal together, a platform for connection, a safe space, community helping fund its own people and a forum.
Giving a homeless person a chance
In the summer of 2017, some roofing contractors in north London spotted a homeless man sleeping on a bench close to their latest job. The man asked if they might need some help with their roofing job one morning..
Roving listening
Spending time with the neighbours in community, not to gauge their needs but to understand the talents. Hundreds of people now pass under the church's roof each week.
The friendship bench
Zimbabwe has been pioneering a groundbreaking mental health programme with stunning results. It uses public benches and a team of grandmothers to tackle depression.
The effect of 'community' on health
The death rate from all causes was 30% lower than expected. There was no suicide, no alcoholism, no drug addiction. People were dying of old age - that’s all.
Detached youthwork - threats and opportunities
SU suggests the Church only reaches 5% of young people in UK. Why not try detached youthwork? Here's 10 aspects of detached youthwork that could be viewed either as threats to or opportunities for the Church.
How come you guys don't give up on us?
There is something very persistent and consistent about the activity of a Christian community, committed to serve and committed to remain.

Events (2 found)

Empty Homes - Community Solutions: International Perspectives - Birmingham
@Room 429 - Muirhead Tower, Social Sciences, University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Birmingham B15 2TT
Birmingham Univ Seminar. Experts from Spain, Japan and England will provide fresh perspectives on the scope and benefits of community engagement with empty homes to promote regeneration, renewal, skills and training outcomes, new housing supply and sustainable community organisations. Eva Morales will discuss her PhD findings on urban vacancy as an opportunity in Spain, Yoshinobu Kikuchi will discuss the experience of engaging with long term population decline and property abandonment in Japan while Caroline Gore-Booth will reflect on the success of Giroscope from Hull in the World Habitat Awards 2016. Followed by panel discussion.
Theology in the public square - Hoddeston
@High Leigh Conference Centre Lord Street Hoddesdon Hertfordshire EN11 8SG
This conference will address the relationships of religion and public life - the role and impact of faith in culture, economics, media, community organising and public policy. Speakers and workshops will explore questions of church and politics, secular vocations for lay people, grass-roots campaigning and representations of religion in popular culture, considering the challenges of engaging ethically and strategically with the media. Planned sessions; The Church and Politics Today - Malcolm Brown, Mission & Public Affairs, Church of England Faith and Multi-Culturalism/Religious Literacy - Prof. Adam Dinham, Goldsmith’s University, Theology and the Media - Rosie Dawson, William Temple Foundation, The Politics of Dissent - Dr Maria Power, University of Liverpool, The Tradition of Community Organising - Anna Rowlands, University of Durham, ‘Discipleship’, Faith and Public Life - Panel: Jonathan Draper, Elaine Graham, Maria Power.

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