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Café Church 
Two examples of church communities using high street cafés and the relationships that are formed.
GB is one of the least religious nations in the world 
23% claimed their religion defined them as a person, while 62% agreed that religion did more harm than good
What bubble have you built around you?
People have a bias to hang out with people like themselves and keep separate from others.
We need to talk 
What's most enjoyable - striking up conversations on a commute or just remaining solitary, alone with your smartphone?
How entrepreneurial is your area? 
A report and mapping website which examines performance of small and medium-sized businesses across the UK by local authority.
Christians in Practice 
Research exploring how Christians connect their discipleship to their engagement in communities. Activities, motivation, connections to calling, growth, support.
School and community needs as real-world catalysts for learning
By using real-world problems as projects for children to solve, a primary school empowers, engages, and excites students.
Is the social role of churches invisible? 
75% of UK adults cannot name any of the activities that take place inside their local church other than regular services and religious festivals.
Will your community be going off-grid? 
There's a global shift away from old utility models toward self-reliant, local generation and transmission.
Community-Led Development
A look at community involvement in local planning which can then lead to self-build schemes as well as neighbourhood improvement.

Events (1 found)

Urban Congress 2017 - Birmingham
@St Luke’s Church, Great Colmore Street, B15 2AT
Staying in the City (Luke 24.49) - Sharing Stories of Hope and Holding On. aims to inspire, refresh and energise us all in the ministries to which God has called us across the Inner Urban and Outer Estates of Birmingham. The day is for Laity and Clergy to hear and share stories of hopefulness; of where they sense God's Kingdom breaking through, and where it feels like there are times of simply holding on; being faithful to God’s calling.

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