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Online - Transform Our World Global Virtual Conference
History has documented time and time again that God uses the events of an “Evil Day” to become the set-up for His power and glory to be revealed. God is about to do something extraordinary.

We have taken divine inspiration from Revelation 12:11: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

There are three weapons listed here to defeat the evil one in order to push back and overcome the prevailing spiritual darkness. All three of them will be showcased with solid Biblical teaching as well as inspiring and empowering testimonies from our leadership around the globe.

God is turning impossible situations and set-backs into set-ups for His breakthrough!
Online - Startup Summit
Everything you need to start, grow and thrive in business.

Startup Summit invites specialists from globally celebrated brands to share their stories and insights with the ambitious founders of today and the business leaders of tomorrow. Speakers explore the fundamental aspects of running a business, including marketing, strategy, leadership, sales, investment and more.
Online and in person - Churches that Change Communities 2021
@Message Trust, Harper Road, Sharston Industrial Estate, Manchester M22 4RG
While the pace of the vaccine roll-out and the Government’s road map may have given many of us hope for the future, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is far from over, especially for the poorest in our nation.

At the 11th annual Jubilee+ Churches that Change Communities  conference, we will be exploring what comes next. With many of our churches already at the forefront of social action and justice in our communities, what will we do if the needs around us rise significantly? How will we support those who were already in poverty and those who have been plunged into it by the economic impact of the pandemic?

Churches all across the country are asking, “What next?” At Jubilee+ we believe it is time to move beyond projects: we want to see people set free from poverty and injustice and empowered to stay free.
First, Love - National Youth Ministry Weekend
@Resorts World Birmingham B40 1PU

Why do we do what we do? What is youth ministry really all about? This year at the National Youth Ministry Weekend, we're going to explore some of the most fundamental questions in Christian youth work at what is undoubtedly a critical moment for the church, and for our world as a whole.

As we emerge from this historic period of pandemic, we want to get to the very heart of why ministry with young people is so vitally important. For so many of us, serving God through youth work is our first love - the great passion of our lives. So as we begin to look ahead, to pioneering our way through a forever-changed world, the NYMW presents a rare and precious opportunity to gather and seek God together with others who share our calling.

We can't promise easy answers, but we can guarantee big and important conversations. And whatever new visions and dreams might come from listening to the Spirit of God, we can be certain that we will again be called back to the great commandments and teaching of Jesus. New ideas have their place, but God calls us to first, love.

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