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Online - A Compassionate Approach to Addiction and Self-Destructive Behaviour - Dr Gabor Maté
One of the world’s most revered experts in the psychology of addiction, a prize-winning author and the pioneer of an innovative understanding of human development that employs the lenses of science and compassion, Dr Gabor Maté joins How To Academy to explore a humane approach to the challenges of addiction and self-destructive behaviour.

Dr Maté believes that all addiction – from hard-core drug abuse to everyday behavioural addictions – are on a continuum that runs through our society: not a medical ‘condition’ but a complex interplay of personal history, emotional development and brain chemistry.

More than a disease, addiction is a response to a distressing life history and life situation. Once we recognise the roots of addiction and the lack it strives (in vain) to fill, we can develop a compassionate approach toward the addict: one that stands the best chance of restoring him or her to wholeness and health.

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