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Thinking of bookshops as cultural civic centres
“Reimagining Bookstores is a movement for strengthening communities, deepening literacy, paying living wages”. Independent bookstores “need to have a broader vision - not just be a channel for publishers.”
Selling as a way to bless customers
How do you see sales or how do you see the act of selling? What if it was actually a way to serve, or bless others? Reaching out to a customer as a friend. Effectively putting love into it...
Digital Compass
A behaviourally informed programme, designed with young people to help them behave ethically online. A positive impact on their online experiences; knowledge, new coping strategies, responsibility, consequences of their actions.
The need to belong is a fundamental and human motivation. And that means we will find somewhere to belong to regardless of whether it's healthy, regardless of whether it's safe. Regardless of anything, we'll find somewhere to belong to.
Space for community: strengthening our social infrastructure 
"Social infrastructure is central to providing hope and support for communities, particularly when led by individuals with a deep understanding of and connection to those communities.”
It takes one person to change a company
While corporate transformations are almost universally assumed to be top-down processes, in reality, middle managers and supervisors can make significant social impact change when they have the right mindset.
9 ways of communicating the gospel to postmoderns 
Their world view states there is no objective, absolute truth; ”truth” is what you believe it to be. So how can we convey understanding of the One who is the “way, the truth and the life” to them?
Four core regrets in life
“How often do you look back in your life and wish you had done something differently?” Analysis of 23,000 regrets from around world show four core regrets and how regret, while painful in the moment, can help us move forward.
6 keys of connection: turning your neighbourhood into a community 
Neighbours are a wellspring of abilities, knowledge, passions, experiences. When we encourage, support, share, enjoy neighbours, we put the world to rights on our street, build connection.
Social Impact Entertainment
The term social impact entertainment (SIE) broadly refers to entertainment media that aims to drive progressive social change - typically via raising awareness of an issue and then promoting some form of behaviour change on the part of the audience.
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