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Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 4
Possible ways forward. Stop and Reflect, Fast and Pray, Hear God's leading, Respond. Plus some other insights. Let's get the R number above 1!
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 3
What are the contrasts in the way the Church engages with people and how they engage with the Church? E.g. Appealing to consumer vs Calling. Extraction vs Infusion. And more...
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 2
What are the contrasts in Activities and How the Church is led and developed? E.g. Teaching vs Training. Congregation vs Small Group. Professional vs Bivocational. And more...
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 1
In 33 AD, 120 followers of Jesus started a discipleship movement that ultimately converted an estimated 30M people to the faith in some 300 years. They called this movement, 'The Way'. How can the 'Church as we know it' become 'The Way'?
That's why you're standing here looking at this.
I had a dream. I was surrounded by water and also many people who were overwhelmed. I'm standing in a raft with Jesus, and I said, "Do something." He says, "I did. That's why you're standing here with me."
Making Disciples for the Workplace
Work is not a topic to be addressed but a context to disciple people for. A booklet for leaders unpacks research and tested ideas on biblical frameworks and spiritual practices that will enable workers to be fruitful.
Meron -  a ministry of hospitality
One of a film series sharing stories of God at work through ordinary Christians in everyday places. For Meron, driving is a ministry of hospitality, not just transportation. She sees each customer as God-sent.
Transitioning from a 'come and see' to a 'go and be' church - 2
"We're moving into a season of discipleship making that is going to be decentralised. I don't want to just go to a building anymore. I want to see people leading neighbours to the Lord.."
Transitioning from a 'come and see' to a 'go and be' church - 1
"I saw that that we weren't really building disciples. There was heavy centralization, full-time leader-led, building central. The shift is to distributed leadership - lay led communities..."
From prisoner to preacher 
"One night, two police officers knocked on my door. They told me that if I continued preaching, they'd put me in jail.. I stood at my usual spot, proclaiming Jesus, then a police van came around the corner and my heart sank."
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In-Person - Renewal for Revival - Manchester
@Luther King House Brighton Grove off Wilmslow Road Manchester
We live in strange times. For decades the church in the West has seemed to be in decline. The culture has experienced more upheaval in the last three years than it has at any time since WW2. The whole world is becoming connected like never before. They tell us that times like this are ripe for revival.
So where is it?
At the Renewal for Revival’ conference, this is the question we are asking. What is God doing right now in his church? How is he stirring our hearts and giving us a new hunger for him? Could it be that there is a renewal work that he wants to do in us that comes before the revival work he want do in the world?
Online - Finding Frontline Confidence Monday to Saturday - London
It often feels easier to be confident in our faith on Sunday when gathered with other Christians than when we’re out and about in the rest of the week. Confidence is harder to muster on our frontlines, where we can feel more alone – the ordinary places where we spend time day by day, among people who don’t follow Jesus. It’s easier to sing a little louder than to live a little bolder.

Most of us would love to grow in faith-confidence for our frontlines. But we also want to avoid edging towards arrogance. Whenever we see confidence combined with humility and kindness, we find it attractive and evangelistically powerful.

So how can we gain confidence when gathered in church and then use that confidence when scattered in the world? How can we support, encourage, and embolden one another as whole-life disciples when we are apart?
Online - Thriving in Teaching
Teachers have been in the trenches during the pandemic, handling remote working, student welfare, and trying to keep learning engaging. Many have been asking how to simply survive, let alone thrive, in what is a constantly changing, challenging, and exhausting vocation.

Christian teachers face additional pressures around issues that affect their faith. If that’s you, this event will help you think through what it means to be fruitful in life, work, and leisure from a teacher’s perspective. You’ll learn from the example of Jesus, the consummate teacher. In an often changeable and pressurised life of public teaching, he had compassion for those he was sent to. Together we’ll explore the Gospel accounts of Jesus the rabbi – and what insights they provide for our own teaching practice.
In-Person - How the Post-Pandemic Church can be: Rebuilt, Revived and Reproduced
@Edge Arena, 40 Pottery Rd, Wigan
LAUNCH has a track record established over many years to bring a prophetic edge and powerful encounter to energise and equip you and your team for what’s now and next:
- CREATE a culture of Kingdom Multiplication for your church, region and nation               
- CONNECT with Global church leaders, and network with other kingdom entrepreneurs, as we are
- COMMISSIONED by 20 Speakers bringing global inspiration & practical application through keynotes and seminars

Join hundreds of church leadership teams and global movement makers for inspiration, innovation and impartation at LAUNCH.

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