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Growing a healthy and mature prophetic culture 
10 years ago, God spoke to Cath very clearly and told her to start multiplying. Taking things that He'd been teaching them in their church, going to others and enabling them to grow a healthy prophetic culture.
'Worth dying for and therefore worth living in'
There's a strong sense in E Mediterranean churches that we know how to be a martyr church, how to stand our ground when pressure comes. Makes us aware of the pursuit of the commitments we hold.
Discipling entrepreneurs in church to live out their faith 
Entrepreneurs want to connect Sunday to everyday, work to their faith and make an impact for the kingdom. Why not form a group and let them work through an 8-week Foundation series - videos, guides, etc?
Turning small groups into missional communities 
"Over 10 years, we've discovered a vocabulary for mission, importance of each group ministering to city, doing things that build relationship with people beyond the walls of church, the priority of mission."
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 4
Possible ways forward. Stop and Reflect, Fast and Pray, Hear God's leading, Respond. Plus some other insights. Let's get the R number above 1!
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 3
What are the contrasts in the way the Church engages with people and how they engage with the Church? E.g. Appealing to consumer vs Calling. Extraction vs Infusion. And more...
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 2
What are the contrasts in Activities and How the Church is led and developed? E.g. Teaching vs Training. Congregation vs Small Group. Professional vs Bivocational. And more...
Contrasting 'Church as we know it' and 'Disciple-multiplying movements' - 1
In 33 AD, 120 followers of Jesus started a discipleship movement that ultimately converted an estimated 30M people to the faith in some 300 years. They called this movement, 'The Way'. How can the 'Church as we know it' become 'The Way'?
That's why you're standing here looking at this.
I had a dream. I was surrounded by water and also many people who were overwhelmed. I'm standing in a raft with Jesus, and I said, "Do something." He says, "I did. That's why you're standing here with me."
Making Disciples for the Workplace
Work is not a topic to be addressed but a context to disciple people for. A booklet for leaders unpacks research and tested ideas on biblical frameworks and spiritual practices that will enable workers to be fruitful.
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In-Person - Transitioning from Network to Movement -
Kairos Connection. Joined by Rich Robinson, we will be asking ‘How do we build on a foundation of prayer to identify pioneer leaders and unleash a new wave of planting?'

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