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Jericho social enterprises
Providing people with work, training in their social businesses, projects. They are breaking barriers, changing lives. 7 businesses offering goods, services to their communities and employment to local people who need it most.
The vulnerability problem of the bully 
Bullies lack ability to care because to care sets them up to get hurt too much - they are wounded individuals and have hardened hearts. How do we restore emotional norms?
What is prosperity?
Prosperity is much more than mere wealth or economic growth. True prosperity is when all people have the opportunity to thrive and freedom to fulfill their unique potential taking responsibility for contributing to their communities and nations.
Imagine your community as a human library 
What would it look like if every community member saw themselves as an educator or mentor? Each of us has unique stories, skills, passions and experiences. When we share these gifts with each other..
Chatta - positive impact in speaking, writing and learning
Designed to increase the quality and quantity of parent/child interaction via school. 40% greater progress in both speaking and understanding than children without Chatta.
Everything course
A 7 week small group course exploring how to play your part in the renewal of culture. As followers of Jesus, we are called to seek the renewal of our world. It’s part of our call to shape our culture for the common good.
Church growth or kingdom growth focus?
“What do seminaries/bible colleges need to be like to equip the churches to equip God’s people to serve God in the patterns of their work and their play beyond the boundaries of the church?”
The Skill Mill
Working with young offenders, changing their identity from one of offender to an employee with legitimate income, self-respect and a desire to change their behaviour and contribute positively to society and the economy.
Managing ‘back to school’ anxieties 
Children will be returning to their classrooms and there will be a vast range of emotions that come as a result, from both children and parents. A few principles that might help...
Learning through play: more than laughter and smiles 
Play works as an emotional toolbox—a safe space in which many emotions can be experienced without consequences or worrying about whether the emotion is acceptable to the big people in children’s lives.
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Events (2 found)

Online - How Did we all Become so Divided, and What do we do About it?
As a society, we have become disconnected -  with most of us spending less and less time with people who are different (as defined by age, race, or class, earning power or education). 

But the more time we spend with people unlike ourselves, the more understanding, tolerant and friendly we become. Join Jon Yates, Executive Director of the Youth Endowment Fund and author of, 'Fractured: Why Our Societies Are Coming Apart and How We Put Them Back Together Again' and Nesta CEO Ravi Gurumurthy as they explore how the pandemic has created an unprecedented opportunity for us to come together.
Online - Enabling Equity in Education: Strategies to remove the effect of racism
Participants will have an opportunity to hear from three inspiring practitioners who are committed to raising awareness of the impacts of the adverse childhood experience (ACE) of racism upon children and young people in educational settings.
We will be able to reflect upon our experiences in education, our perceptions and preconceptions and the ways we relate to one another. The connection between ACEs, racism and the 4 As of education: Attachment, Attendance, Attainment and Affiliation will also be addressed as well as practical trauma-informed and antiracist steps to create positive changes.

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