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BizMin - equipping a generation of Christian entrepreneurs to do business as ministry
A 10 session course for Business owners and leaders - Kingdom Entrepreneurs - who have unique opportunities and responsibilities in the Kingdom of God.
Preventing abuse through creative projects
Theatre-based education to learn about building healthy relationships, preventing children becoming victims or perpetrators of abuse and equipping them to have relationships based on equality and respect.
Teaching children about early child development
A pilot in 21 secondary schools with 3700 pupils aiming to embed the key principles of early child development and neuroscience. The results have the potential to improve outcomes for future generations.
Smart videos for curious minds 
An award-winning collection of 5,000+ child-friendly videos, curated for teachers and parents who want to share smarter, more meaningful media in the classroom and at home. And it’s free and available for everyone.
Nurturing curiosity and invention 
Virtually everyone begins life with building blocks to construct new ideas. But by 5, only some are still on a path to become adept at such thinking, while most leave it farther behind. But such a fate is not inevitable.
Unleashing the potential of young people 
There is a shift in the important skills to develop for future workforce - social and emotional in nature e.g. empathy, creativity, leadership, adaptability. Business leadership essential to address skills gap.
Social Emotional Learning 
The process through which we understand + manage emotions, set + achieve positive goals, feel + show empathy for others, establish + maintain positive relationships, make responsible decisions Strong uptrend in positive outcomes.
Beam - crowdfunding new career opportunities for homeless men and women
Alex was Inspired to build this platform after getting to know a homeless man at his local Tube station. “What could we do to make a real difference to that man’s life?” The answer lay in giving him the skills to support himself.
Play has the potential to reduce inequality 
26 studies of play in 18 countries found in disadvantaged areas, kids showed greater learning gains in literacy, motor and social-emotional skills in centres with a mix of instruction, free and guided play.
Relational poverty
If you have adversity but also connections to family, community and culture, which are resilience building factors, you're not at any increased risk for bad outcomes. But adversity and poor connections equals significant risk increase.
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In-Person - BOOST Conference 2022: Re-imagining Schoolswork - London
@Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, London
Now as we can start to go back 'live' into schools, come and be equipped to re-engage (or engage for the first time), catching the vision for this new season of ministry with all of the challenges and opportunities that it presents.?

BOOST 2022 will feature an exciting programme of content led by subject matter experts and specialists for everyone called to live for Christ in school.
Online - Thriving in Teaching
Teachers have been in the trenches during the pandemic, handling remote working, student welfare, and trying to keep learning engaging. Many have been asking how to simply survive, let alone thrive, in what is a constantly changing, challenging, and exhausting vocation.

Christian teachers face additional pressures around issues that affect their faith. If that’s you, this event will help you think through what it means to be fruitful in life, work, and leisure from a teacher’s perspective. You’ll learn from the example of Jesus, the consummate teacher. In an often changeable and pressurised life of public teaching, he had compassion for those he was sent to. Together we’ll explore the Gospel accounts of Jesus the rabbi – and what insights they provide for our own teaching practice.

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