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Purple Shoots
A not-for-profit microfinance organisation, set up to tackle unemployment and economic problems in communities. Helps people on benefits or a low income to start their own businesses, lending to people who are excluded by the traditional lenders.
East Africa Impact Investment Summit 
Leading impact investors, thought leaders and promising entrepreneurs will gather in July in Kampala, Uganda to collaborate on scaling businesses to create jobs, tackle poverty and transform lives.
Recipes rebuilding lives 
What started as a pilot in a home, has now developed into a charity with chefs who are refugees from all corners of the globe facilitating cookery classes for thousands of participants.
UK employers' guide to hiring refugees
Hiring refugees is an impactful way for companies to drive their business forward while addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time - the global refugee crisis.
Creating a full circle solution to homelessness 
The Social Bite Village will create an innovative, low cost, safe living environment for up to 20 people for around 12 -18 months. During this time the residents will receive extensive support.
Give managers basic training in mental health 
Training managers to help care for employees' mental health would turn a contributing factor of mental illness—the workplace—into a protective one.
Employment reduces re-offending but not just any job 
Individuals are less likely to reoffend if they happen to be released at a time when the local low-skilled labour market is strong and when well-paying entry-level jobs are available.
Connecting talented young refugees with business leaders 
Embark is a reverse mentoring scheme that connects Turkish business leaders with young Syrians to exchange ideas, develops understanding and builds meaningful connections.
Fair pay for fair work 
A look at executive compensation by St Pauls Institute. Companies need to balance justice and self-interest in a way that society perceives as fair and supporting the common good.
Lausanne Global Classroom: Wealth Creation 
Highlights the importance of wealth creation for global Christianity and the church in order to inspire young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and individuals.

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Kingdom Code - 4th Industrial Revolution - Leeds
@Revolution Leeds 48 Call Lane Leeds LS1 6DT
The technological revolution we are currently experiencing will (and already is) radically changing Western society. Described as the 4th industrial revolution, modern technology affects all areas of our lives; from what we purchase, to how we date, to our energy consumption and employment opportunities. At the next Kingdom Code Think event Rev. Jimmy Lawrence will explore the nature of those changes, how we might think about them from a faith perspective, and crucially what we as technology producers can do about it. This interactive session will be engaging, practical and pastoral, while drawing together threads from philosophy, cultural studies and theology.

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