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What workers want from their local church 
Working Christians want their churches to provide encouragement and support for their work, provide guidance for how to engage faith at work and have more empathy with respect to the demands of their work.
Best practices
Victor Ho's start-up hit a rough patch and needed to lay off 50 people. Best practices suggested handling this with surgical precision. Victor felt compelled to take a different approach that was consistent with the company’s values.
The Skill Mill
Working with young offenders, changing their identity from one of offender to an employee with legitimate income, self-respect and a desire to change their behaviour and contribute positively to society and the economy.
Change agents: why entrepreneurs are uniquely equipped to tackle poverty
The story of Waweru Kuria, a Kenyan entrepreneur. In this challenging time, the need for Kingdom entrepreneurs in emerging markets is at an all time high. We need the impact job creators can make in the lives of countless individuals.
From outsourcing to ethical sourcing 
Every employer has the power to effect significant social change right now – through their purchasing and outsourcing decisions. Three key tests..
Let's continue to build community - employment
Employment in our communities will be affected by Covid-19. Many people will struggle to find employment they are used to. Churches i.e. the people, can have a pro-active role to play. This could be...
Building resilient, responsible, sustainable businesses in a post-Covid world 
How are personal and professional challenges experienced going to impact future? How will this reshape our economy and society? What does that mean for businesses that emerge?
Beneath the Ink
In Zanesville, Ohio, USA, tattoo artist Billy Joe White has started a crusade to "erase the hate" and has offered to cover up swastikas, Nazi images, and other hate-filled ink for free. He's been very busy.
Want to be an innovative company? Think neurodiversity.
The business world is now recognising that a neurodiverse workforce is more creative, innovative and productive, and one in which people with a range of strengths, backgrounds and viewpoints contribute to success.
Circle Collective
A London social enterprise running skate and streetwear stores. Helps young people break down barriers keeping them from work. 76% find employment. An initial 9 people helped has become 400.
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Online - Quaker Business Conference, 2020: Making Values Visible
A great line-up of speakers discussing the issues for business leaders facing new ethical challenges, post-Covid-19, at no cost to register.

The conference will take place virtually over two days, November 6 and November 7, in four sessions, morning and afternoon. The hot topics covered include the impact of shareholder activism, new approaches to finding personal integrity, alternative business structures, the latest and more time-honoured practices that drive better decision-making, individual responsibility, employee well-being and return on investment.

Hear the latest case studies and research on radical new approaches by some of the world’s leading corporations. Be inspired by influential speakers at the forefront of sustainable and transformational business practices.

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