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Olderpreneurs needed
Entrepreneurship has also never been a route just available to the young. A growing number of people over 50 are joining the start-up community, using skills, experience they have accrued in order to start a successful business.
Mind Your Own Business
Launching your own business or social enterprise is a big leap of faith. A new free business start up workbook can be used by individuals or a small group working together.
The Ice Academy
A programme from Ben and Jerry's to support people who have refugee status get back into business and remove barriers they face entering the job market.
Year Here 
A year to test and build solutions to some of society's toughest problems.
Neighbourhood economics 
Why do we need to wait for government or authorities to steer money to local projects? Here's some ideas about getting the local community involved in action and funding.
Wealth creation and the Church
What is the role of the Church and its leaders in enlightening, educating, equipping, and empowering God’s people for the service of wealth creation?
Prison entrepreneurship programme 
Groundbreaking results among graduates including an under 7% three-year recidivism rate vs national average of nearly 50%.

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