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Impact-Weighted Accounts 
The legitimacy of a business should depend on its ability to create value for society. How do you measure that and create accounting standards that reflect a company’s financial, social and environmental performance?
Youth STEM Matters 
Glasgow based social enterprise, YouthSTEM2030, is determined to empower young people around the world to use science, technology, engineering and maths to change the world through progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
8 social innovations that we could see in next decade
Ways of interacting, underpinned by technologies, that could alter social systems and overcome one or several challenges faced by society.
Time for a plastic paradigm shift 
Plastic pollution is getting worse, and fast. Solving this growing problem requires creating a plastics economy that is smart, sustainable, and circular. 10 critical findings re actions..
Let's continue to create community - a wellbeing economy
Wellbeing is the outcome of a convergence of factors, including good human mental and physical health, greater equity and fairness, good social relationships and a flourishing natural environment.
Carbon-neutral church buildings - lighting
With the advent of affordable and aesthetic pleasing LED lighting, five churches within the Diocese of Durham have devised new lighting schemes whilst keeping costs to a minimum by using existing lighting wiring.
Becoming a carbon neutral church
There are various sources of information to help you to manage and reduce the carbon footprint of the church i.e. the people and the buildings/events. What actions can you take?
99 good news stories in 2019 
Good news stories of conservation, health, rising living standards, tolerance, peace, cleaner energy and environmental stewardship. We need to change the stories we tell ourselves.
Aiming to help one billion people reduce food wastage 
Olio's app prevents food waste by connecting neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.
Powerhouse - a house which is 100% off-grid
A solar powered, ready-to-move-in, eco-friendly, smart home in India. Pre-fitted with electrical and plumbing systems that can be controlled remotely. For £18,000, buyers can have clean energy for their home and e-vehicle, free for life.
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Online - Creative Change Makers 2021
An online event focused PURELY on creative thinking for positive social + environmental IMPACT.

Over three days, live speaker presentations with Q&A interspersed with recordings of inspirational presentations from our Creative Change Makers of 2020.

Live speakers include Sir Jonathan Porritt (Forum for the Future), Barbara Alink, Sir Tim Smit (Eden Project), Nicky Kaur (Trylife TV), Chrissy Levett (Creative Conscience) Graeme Robertson (The Guardian), Sarah Corbett (Craftist) + recorded sessions Sian Sutherland (A Plastic Planet), Will Skeaping (Extinction Rebellion) Xavier Rees (Havas) Paul Barlow (L&Co/B-Corp) Nicole Yershon (NYC) Tom Tapper (Nice+ Serious) and many many more.

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