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Ethics and artificial intelligence 
AI systems learn by looking at data from millions of examples. It is difficult to predict how they’ll behave in new scenarios outside these examples. How can we get artificial intelligence systems to behave ethically?
Going against the current 
"You don't drift toward holiness because the currents that we live in are all drifting toward the values of a broken world, the easy path, a lukewarmness that Jesus spat out."
Global Alliance for Banking on Values 
A network of banks, credit unions, microfinance institutions, etc from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector and society
Everybody's Business 
How do we as Christians approach the whole business of economic development? (Lord) Rowan Williams reflects on ethics and enterprise.
What is the purpose of business? 
Is it to 'maximise shareholder value' or something else?
Quaker values and innovation
What were the ethics and values that Quakers brought to business in the 18th and 19th centuries which brought them so much success?

Events (6 found)

@St. Peter's Church, Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ
A four-day intensive with LICC to refresh and resource you for impact right where you are. Can you imagine it? Living courageously for Christ amid the complexities of our times – right where you are? As followers of Jesus in the UK today we’re called to live as people with a distinct story in a culture that, in the main, doesn’t know, believe, or even necessarily care about it. How then shall we live joyfully for Christ in the UK today, amongst the people we talk with, work with, live with, relax with, and care for day-by-day?
Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development - London
@All Hallows-by-the-Tower, Byward Street, London EC3R 5BJ
In what ways can AI lead to higher productivity, income growth and demand that can create more jobs and prosperity? What are the ethical challenges raised by AI adoption and how can we ensure sustainable and ethical AI programmes? How can we make sure that it is not a major substitute for work, replacing jobs that are often the only source of income for many citizens? What are the transformation capabilities of AI for business and society? What are the challenges and opportunities faced when developing and integrating AI into a developing country.
Power & Responsibility Summit - London
@British Library Knowledge Centre 96 Euston Road London NW1 2DB
The DigitalAgenda Power & Responsibility summit explores how technology can respond to the societal and economic issues we face, and debates issues of regulation, trust and the unintended consequences of the digital age. Summit Themes: BUSINESS – Power, responsibility and the economy. Technology is changing our economy fast. But too many business models work against the public interest. How can tech business, and government, do more for the common good? SOCIETY – Responsible Innovation for good and regulation. How can it make the internet safer? What regulation is needed to ensure a fairer internet? How can we protect innovation? PEOPLE – Technology, online behaviour and safety. Digital’s effects on online behaviour, mental health and concerns over privacy and online safety. How can we get past the problems that it creates? What are the wellbeing benefits that digital promises for us?
SALT 2019 - Restorative stewardship - London
@CCT Venues-Docklands, Canary Wharf Thames Quay 193 Marsh Wall London E14 9SG
Bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs, aid workers and thought leaders from across the UK, unified around a single goal: to maximise the common good through developing successful and sustainable business enterprise. Explore, with leaders from the forefront of business and social impact, how we can all play a role in effectively stewarding wealth, people and planet. Listen to Christian business leaders from a range of sectors and hear how they are being part of transforming business, transforming communities and transforming lives.
Quakers and Decision-Making: exploring the issues - Birmingham
@Woodbrooke 1046 Bristol Road Birmingham B29 6LJ
A one-day seminar on recent research about Quaker decision-making. We will hear from academic researchers and from reflective practitioners of Quaker decision-making. Topics may include Quaker business method and non-Quaker organisations, theories of leadership, theology, the role of silence.
The ethics of artificial intelligence - Oxford
@Clore Old Library, University Church of St Mary The Virgin, High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BJ
The brave new world of artificial intelligence is coming to a mobile phone, hospital or a supermarket near you. What are the challenges and opportunities autonomous systems may bring as they are more deeply integrated within our human experience? Join this conversation between the Rt Revd Steven Croft, the Bishop of Oxford, and Professor Luciano Floridi, Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information, University of Oxford.

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