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Do you know who made your clothes?
With increased transparency, brands and consumers can identify whether or not people are being exploited in the supply chain or if the environment is being harmed. An example social enterprise in Nepal.
Stuff - developing a healthy relationship with material things
Are we preparing our children to be happy and free adults as we immerse them in a society where image is king and consumerism seems to control us? Some insights from parents...
5 checkpoints for work as worship
Is our business a God-centred business, using profit for giving, innovating best products and services, building good processes, nurturing people? An altar to worship Him in a deeper, meaningful way?
What does it mean to be a Christian entrepreneur? 
There are hundreds of Christian entrepreneurs who struggle with anxiety. Why? It relates to identity. It comes from a feedback loop that doesn’t come from their time in Scripture, but from society at large.
Ethical Addictions
They prayed that EA would be a company that honours God; gives back to the communities they buy from; build relationships with people and do right by them... Now 14 years later, Covid hits..
Nelson Mandela through the eyes of his prison chaplain, Colin Chambers 
Mandela said, "I know that if I don't leave all my unforgiveness, resentment and bitterness behind when I walk through those gates, I will be walking out into another prison of my making."
What workers want from their local church 
Working Christians want their churches to provide encouragement and support for their work, provide guidance for how to engage faith at work and have more empathy with respect to the demands of their work.
From outsourcing to ethical sourcing 
Every employer has the power to effect significant social change right now – through their purchasing and outsourcing decisions. Three key tests..
Why are people ignoring expert warnings?—Psychological Reactance 
When you tell me what to do, a part of me feels compelled to do the opposite. 5 things we can do about the effect of this resistance.
Lessons learned from B Inspired 
A conference hosted by B Corps attended by over 600 people looking to explore the changing role of business in society. Some insights from a delegate.
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Events (2 found)

Online - Ethics and Social Value in Business
The Quaker evening video seminar series continues.  
In May we we will feature a talk from Dr Rory Ridley-Duff,  Professor of Co-operative Social Entrepreneurship at Sheffield Hallam University, on Six forms of wealth for a post-COVID world.  Rory explains new ways of thinking about wealth: natural, social, human, manufactured, financial and intellectual. His ideas sparked a great deal of interest at our November 2020 conference.

Register in advance for this meeting:
Online - How Do I Grow as a Whole-Life Disciple in Financial Services?
‘Is it possible to do what you do as a Christian?’

That was the arresting question LICC’s Work Forum Director Steve Osei-Mensah faced in the middle of a career that revolved around financial services. His response then – as now – was a resounding yes. Not only can you survive as a Christian in financial services – you can thrive and grow as a disciple.

If you’ve ever tackled similar questions about your career, join Steve and a panel of Christians working in banking, insurance, and asset management for the second of two seminars exploring what it means to be a whole-life disciple in FS.

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