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What workers want from their local church 
Working Christians want their churches to provide encouragement and support for their work, provide guidance for how to engage faith at work and have more empathy with respect to the demands of their work.
From outsourcing to ethical sourcing 
Every employer has the power to effect significant social change right now – through their purchasing and outsourcing decisions. Three key tests..
Why are people ignoring expert warnings?—Psychological Reactance 
When you tell me what to do, a part of me feels compelled to do the opposite. 5 things we can do about the effect of this resistance.
Lessons learned from B Inspired 
A conference hosted by B Corps attended by over 600 people looking to explore the changing role of business in society. Some insights from a delegate.
How British moral attitudes have changed in the last 30 years 
Views on moral issues have become increasingly liberal. Today far more tolerant of illegal drug use, homosexuality, abortion, depictions of violence, aspects of sex in popular culture and other issues.
Good Business: Ethics at Work 
Quakers and Business Group have published an updated edition. Acts as a guide and inspiration to running a better and ethical business for the benefit of all its stakeholders.
When you Buy Social, you’re helping to build a better world 
Social enterprises are at the forefront of developing the solutions and fairness that we need. Social enterprises can only create impact if people buy from them and help build a better world.
Ethics and artificial intelligence 
AI systems learn by looking at data from millions of examples. It is difficult to predict how they’ll behave in new scenarios outside these examples. How can we get artificial intelligence systems to behave ethically?
Going against the current 
"You don't drift toward holiness because the currents that we live in are all drifting toward the values of a broken world, the easy path, a lukewarmness that Jesus spat out."
Global Alliance for Banking on Values 
A network of banks, credit unions, microfinance institutions, etc from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector and society
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Online - Quaker Business Conference, 2020: Making Values Visible
A great line-up of speakers discussing the issues for business leaders facing new ethical challenges, post-Covid-19, at no cost to register.

The conference will take place virtually over two days, November 6 and November 7, in four sessions, morning and afternoon. The hot topics covered include the impact of shareholder activism, new approaches to finding personal integrity, alternative business structures, the latest and more time-honoured practices that drive better decision-making, individual responsibility, employee well-being and return on investment.

Hear the latest case studies and research on radical new approaches by some of the world’s leading corporations. Be inspired by influential speakers at the forefront of sustainable and transformational business practices.

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