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The reason he's still alive is because you've been praying over us as a family
My neighbours are scattered. I realised I've been driving past them for 46 yrs and not praying. A few weeks ago, I began praying over them. Then something amazing happened..
Discipling entrepreneurs in church to live out their faith 
Entrepreneurs want to connect Sunday to everyday, work to their faith and make an impact for the kingdom. Why not form a group and let them work through an 8-week Foundation series - videos, guides, etc?
Microchurches: co-existing with existing churches, working in partnership
Microchurches are adaptable, lightweight, and lay-led communities that live out their missional identity in a particular network or neighbourhood. They can co-exist with existing churches to reach all the nooks and crannies of society.
He Gets Us
A campaign in USA designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and His relevance in their lives. After extensive research, it launched in March 22. Already ads have had 200m+ YouTube views, 2Bn+ impressions on TV/media.
Turning small groups into missional communities 
"Over 10 years, we've discovered a vocabulary for mission, importance of each group ministering to city, doing things that build relationship with people beyond the walls of church, the priority of mission."
Being a witness at work 
God determines where we live, where we work, and who we work with. And he has given you a unique set of workplace relationships. As a Christian, the best chance your colleagues have of hearing the gospel is probably through you.
Digital mission - 3
What is the 'ask'? Go and have a look at your church's social media presence. Realise that we can go to them and we can meet people where they are first - like Jesus did - rather than say 'come'.
Faith changes everything about your work - 2
You need to be preaching in ways that talk about their work, thinking about city impact from their work, what work suffering does in their hearts, blogging about their work, visiting them at their workplaces.
Digital mission - 2
We need to be present at the wells, the pools and the marketplaces just as Jesus was in our online communities. Where could these be for you? Could it be the local Facebook group, local hashtags, local business social media?
Digital mission - 1
How can we as Christians, as church communities, mark success as digital missionaries? The danger is that we could get sucked into the influencer culture - narcissistic, chasing mass approval and likes. What can we do differently?
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Online - Stronger Digital
A live online hosted event at various times across 4 days that invites speakers to help us look at digital from different angles. Key questions we're asking: What's coming (preparing); what's happening (reflecting); what do we need to know (learning).
Whether it’s social media, Web 3, AR, VR or crypto, God calls the Church to go out in the strength of His Spirit, to be salt and light, and allow God to breathe life through the work of our hands. This event will help shape opinion, bring visibility, and equip you for key aspects of the digital landscape we live in, both personally and professionally.

In-Person - REACH Evangelism and church planting conference - Wolverhampton
@Life City Church - Wolverhampton, Westbury Street, Wolverhampton WV1 1JD
A conference for anyone doing the work of evangelism or church planting, or those that want to learn how. Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, come and be fuelled for the mission. You are invited to join us.
Are you an experienced evangelist or church planter? Or are you taking your first steps into the world of evangelism? Maybe you are someone who is doing the work of evangelism?
If so, the REACH Evangelism and Church Planting Conference is for you. This annual event provides an opportunity to network with other evangelists and church planters, and be inspired and encouraged by our guest speakers.
In-Person - Ekklesia Roundtable Special - London
@Evangelical Alliance Offices 176 Copenhagen Street London
Pastor Davie Hernandez, Lead Pastor of Restore City Church in Boston, will join for this Roundtable Special. He'll be speaking on the topic of "Missio Dei" shifting from church-centered mission, to a mission-centered church. Acknowledging all the persons of the Godhead are active in God's redeeming mission.
In-Person - How the Post-Pandemic Church can be: Rebuilt, Revived and Reproduced
@Edge Arena, 40 Pottery Rd, Wigan
LAUNCH has a track record established over many years to bring a prophetic edge and powerful encounter to energise and equip you and your team for what’s now and next:
- CREATE a culture of Kingdom Multiplication for your church, region and nation               
- CONNECT with Global church leaders, and network with other kingdom entrepreneurs, as we are
- COMMISSIONED by 20 Speakers bringing global inspiration & practical application through keynotes and seminars

Join hundreds of church leadership teams and global movement makers for inspiration, innovation and impartation at LAUNCH.
In-Person - Everyday Faith Leeds
@Holy Trinity Boar Lane Church, Boar Lane, Leeds,
Imagine how Leeds could be transformed if every Christian there was equipped to live all of life for Jesus. What impact would it have on the city? What change would it bring to the church?
Just as Jeremiah taught the exiles to seek the peace and prosperity of the place God was carrying them (Jeremiah 29:7), so we want to seek the welfare of the places God has put us.
That begins when Christians see that their whole lives matter to God – that he’s just as much a part of their Monday morning meetings as their Sunday worship, and their lives can’t be split into what’s ‘sacred’ and what’s ‘secular’.
Whether you’re in business and working out what this looks like in your work, or a church leader trying to communicate this vision to your congregation, this event – with practical advice, biblical insight, and illustrative case studies – will help you identify clear next steps, so that through you God can bring life to the city.
Online - Kx Leaders Day - Discipling God’s People for Fruitful Workplace Engagement
Everybody’s work is different. And everybody’s workplace is different – the sector, the health, the culture, the people, the attitude to faith. In the last ten years much progress has been made in workplace ministry but for many workers there are two big blocks – the lack of conviction that their work, their particular work matters to God, and a sense of powerlessness, guilt, shame and weariness when it comes to effective workplace witness.
How then can help see the wide range people in our congregations see why their particular work matters to God – from stacking shelves to writing code, from cleaning windows to calculating corporation tax? And how can we empower a wide range of people engage intentionally, fruitfully, in word and witness in such a wide variety of working environments?
In-Person - Work+Go - Manchester
@Radisson Park Inn, Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester,
Share the good news of Jesus among other cultures, right where you are.
The workplace is more diverse than ever: full of people from different ethnicities, nationalities, and social backgrounds. What’s more, a growing number of workers find themselves working closely with teams based in different regional – or even international – offices, sometimes with travel commitments to match.
All this means that now, as much as ever, the workplace is a mission field. When Christians apply Jesus’ message to and through their work, they are doing so in a key setting with the potential to influence cultures near and far.
Work+Go will inspire delegates with the biblical principles and practical skills to do this.

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