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Prayer evangelism - 2
“I kept hearing the word ‘zip codes.’ As I pressed in more, I felt that the Lord wanted us to pray over the 43 zip codes that make up the New Orleans area on a daily basis for one year.”
Prayer evangelism - 1
The team walked the school area weekly, inviting the Lord’s presence. Soon, the shootings stopped and the barriers were removed. The Christian club grew from 4 students to 70...
4 million micro churches planted in less than 30 years
"We're having over a million baptisms reported, and around 150,000 simple churches started every year. And that's starting from a house church on our back porch. These churches are having babies. The longest I know, of since March 2013, is 38 generations.
Training for living and working cross-culturally 
A 10-week course in Gloucester which provides crucial preparation you need if you are planning to work cross-culturally, at home or overseas.
Pitching the Bible to the online generation
For 2,000 years, the Bible has been communicated in reimagined ways to reach new audiences. Today's pioneers are making the Bible more accessible and attractive to those shaped by a world of visual content.
Estates evangelism
In February 2019, the Bishop of Burnley, Philip North, spoke on a motion to have a church community on every significant social housing estate in the nation.
Ten ways to keep your church focused on evangelism 
Evangelism is meant to be a normal part of the life of a church. We need to recognise that this activity is not an occasional set of actions but remains in the DNA of a church’s life.
Roving listening
Spending time with the neighbours in community, not to gauge their needs but to understand the talents. Hundreds of people now pass under the church's roof each week.
Insights into cultural renewal
Everything Conference report - example after example of Christians who are very clearly renewing the cultures they find themselves in, and doing so in effective, winsome and undeniably Christ like ways.
Repositioning the Church to reach the lost
It's easier to attend a church that gathers lost people than become a people who alter communities. Yet God is not sending lost people into church; He sends the Church out into the world.

Events (2 found)

The Happiness Course Leaders Training Day - London
@Livability Head Office, 6 Mitre Passage, London, SE10 0ER
This day will train you to run Livability’s ‘The Happiness Course’ in your community. The Happiness Course is a four session course based on scientific research, ancient wisdom and real life experience. Participants can apply the course to improve their own happiness, and churches can use it to make their community a happier place. The Happiness Course was developed by Livability to support churches in having meaningful conversations about happiness and wellbeing. In every session we talk about our experiences, examine what science tells us, and then explore practical tools that we can use during the week. The course starts by asking the simple question ‘What makes you happy?’ It then examines four different kinds of happiness – pleasure, success, relationships and meaning.
@St. Peter's Church, Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ
A four-day intensive with LICC to refresh and resource you for impact right where you are. Can you imagine it? Living courageously for Christ amid the complexities of our times – right where you are? As followers of Jesus in the UK today we’re called to live as people with a distinct story in a culture that, in the main, doesn’t know, believe, or even necessarily care about it. How then shall we live joyfully for Christ in the UK today, amongst the people we talk with, work with, live with, relax with, and care for day-by-day?

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