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How to connect social action and faith sharing
A booklet to help churches think how they can incorporate sharing faith in the social action they are involved in, to demonstrate what makes us distinctive. Case studies and 25 practical ideas.
Different types of storms
In the New Testament we see three types of storms; First type - believers cry out, Jesus stops it. Second, Jesus invites us to face it, walk on water, and then rescues us, Third type is the most severe storm..
The Good Shepherd
A video of a friendly encounter with a shepherd in mountains of the Middle East. They had a chat about the parable of the Good Shepherd and caught it on a 2 minute video. It helps put the parable in the cultural context.
Radical faith in the underground church - 3 
The problem with the western model is 'come and see'. That's not what Jesus said. Jesus said, 'go and find'. We don't even see a 'come and see' model - it's all about going and finding the lost. Going where they are.
Radical faith in the underground church - 2 
I would read Acts and ask the Lord, "Why is persecution reducing the Church here?" The Lord answered, "You made converts not disciples. Converts will run away from me in persecution. Disciples will die for me."
An inner-city, gospel-centred, anti-trafficking initiative 
The Lord gave me a vision of a prostitute walking around the red light district in Cardiff. And I audibly heard the voice of God shouting at me, "Go and rescue her. Go and rescue her. Go and rescue her."
Kingland Global
Dennis Yandi runs a motor spare parts business in Nairobi, Kenya. He shares stories of how the Lord is giving him opportunities to serve Him through the business.
You marry the mission and date the model
"Hey, we're out of the 'Here comes Sunday' rhythm. So what can we do with this time? What can we do with this energy? What can we do digitally? What can we do in the community to be the hands and feet of Jesus?"
Radical faith in the underground church - 1 
This church movement has no bank account, charitable status, central leadership, denoms, church buildings or seminaries and if any one is caught they could be executed or put in prison and yet it is exploding.
Integrating work and faith - 2
There are believers in every domain of work, in every single pathway that you can imagine, who are living out their faith in these really profound ways that they often don't even recognise as being particularly profound.
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Events (4 found)

Online - Being Interrupted with authors Al Barrett & Ruth Harley
Al Barrett and Ruth Harley open a door to a creative disruption of the status quo, ‘from the outside, in’: the in-breaking of the wild reality of the ‘Kin-dom’ of God. Through careful and unsettling readings in Mark’s gospel, alongside stories from a multicultural outer estate in east Birmingham, they paint a vivid picture of an ‘alternative economy’ for the Church’s life and mission, which begins with transformative encounters with neighbours and strangers at the edges of our churches, our neighbourhoods and our imaginations, and offers new possibilities for repentance and resurrection.
Online - Urban Village: An Upside Down Gospel for Living in the City
The stoop and the sidewalk helped people stay sane during the COVID-19 lockdown. As life resumes can we hold onto the vision of a "stronger together” village, especially in our densely populated city blocks ?

We invite Christians who are engaged in building back stronger (we might call it hyper-local) neighbourhoods to share ideas and promote the best practice. Some call it the reinvigorated walkable parish.

Join this movement to get Jesus’ followers to turn, face and engage with their actual neighbours, block by block, street by street.
Online - New housing conversations. Mission in a New Housing context - Unity and Diversity
Using the recently published ABC's Commission Booklets this conversation will help is explore the practicalities, planning and evaluation of mission in a New Housing context. Please see Section C - How to work together as the body of Christ and Section E - How to engage in different contexts by following this link:

Who is it for? People with experience (or wanting experience) in engaging in mission within new housing as a practitioner and/or enabler

Aim - to enable relationships and networks to develop around new housing engagement across denominations to make a difference at both strategic and grassroots levels. We hope to strengthen and encourage one another in our mission and ministry and inspire and equip others to join in sharing God's love with new housing areas around the country.
Online - Making Disciples for Today’s & Tomorrow’s Workplace
How do we empower God’s people for their workplaces?

Every week, hundreds of thousands of Christians go to work in the UK. It’s a huge mission field. How do we equip them in our churches to make the most of it for Christ? 

Ahead of the release of Mark Greene’s resource, Making Disciples for Today’s & Tomorrow’s Workplace, join us to explore key lessons on this urgent subject, drawn from 20 years of research and experience. Together with LICC’s Director of Church Relationships Ken Benjamin, Mark will share practical tips to help your church inspire people to see their day jobs through God’s eyes – and send them out ready to serve him in and through their work.

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