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In the West, the church is less and less effective at reaching a changing world but many in the church continue to believe the church maintains a central role in the life of culture. Time to ReThink.
Bringing Jesus to work 
If you use the gifts He has given you to serve others and declare Him as the ultimate source of your motivation, you have a platform to speak about the saviour who calls us.
Speak life to your surroundings 
The Police Chief recently reported that ‘We are one of the few cities in where crime has gone down instead of up!’
A ministry of loitering 
Jesus was hanging around healing pools, busy street intersections, and wells and revealed to those around him their sacred worth.
No Questions Asked 
Youthscape study discovers a profound lack of questioning around God, faith and religion among the young people they spoke to.
Prayer signs 
Barry Schoder broke the Lord's Prayer down, part by part, posting it onto ten red and white signs that could be read progressively as one drove down the main avenue of his town..
Empty-handed ministers - 1 
In stripping your team of their basic resources, Jesus is forcing you to rely completely on the local resources of those you visit due to your posture of dependence.
Anglican church-based social action 
Responding to social issues and building community. Report on Church in Action 2017: A National Survey of Church Based Social Action.
When you feel like you don't fit in because of your faith 
We know how to make our faith deeply personal. But we struggle to make it massively public. At times, we feel like we don’t really belong or fit in with our surroundings. How do we navigate this difficult tension?
Mission with young adults 
Not as difficult as you think. Research on successful, unsuccessful, and unproven mission with young adults (aged 18 to 30) in various church groups.

Events (2 found)

Imagine Church Day - Southport
@Lakeside Church, Fairway, Southport, PR9 0LA
Exploring a Culture of Discipleship and Mission. The LICC Imagine team share what they’ve learnt about how to create a whole-life disciple-making church. For church leaders and leadership teams. Exploring the biblical vision and the practical principles and process learnt in work with churches of different sizes and denoms across the UK and a framework for moving forward. What are the implications for leaders and leadership teams who want to create a missional disciple making community?
London City Mission Summer School - London
@London City Mission Nasmith House 175 Tower Bridge Road London SE1 2AH
The future is an urban multicultural society and the call of the church is to intentionally and actively minister into it. We need to set aside people willing to go to communities where few are going, willing to begin to understand a different culture, longing to share the gospel and disciple new believers. Maybe God is calling you to explore what this means for you and your church?

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