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Empty-handed ministers - 1 
In stripping your team of their basic resources, Jesus is forcing you to rely completely on the local resources of those you visit due to your posture of dependence.
Anglican church-based social action 
Responding to social issues and building community. Report on Church in Action 2017: A National Survey of Church Based Social Action.
When you feel like you don't fit in because of your faith 
We know how to make our faith deeply personal. But we struggle to make it massively public. At times, we feel like we don’t really belong or fit in with our surroundings. How do we navigate this difficult tension?
Mission with young adults 
Not as difficult as you think. Research on successful, unsuccessful, and unproven mission with young adults (aged 18 to 30) in various church groups.
Don't let facts get in the way
People have a tendency to seek information that confirms their existing beliefs. Providing people with accurate information doesn’t seem to help; they simply discount it.
Where is the UK Church going? 
Latest research into UK Church trends. An overview of church life in the UK covering individual years between 2012-2017 and a forecast to 2022.
The Church and the World
Christians around the world today find themselves in very different contexts than they did 40 years ago - need to think differently about the people among whom they live and work.
Justification and justice are joined at the hip 
Tim Keller speaks into possible polarisation between 'justification people' and 'justice people'.
7 steps to become a church of and for the poor 
In his talk at New Wine, Philip North, Bishop of Burnley, suggests the answer to Church decline is a straightforward one. It’s because we have forgotten the poor.
Actions speak louder than words 
A study shows that the more that people were exposed to faith-based actions, the higher their religiosity and the more certain they were of God’s existence.

Events (2 found)

National New Housing Hub Conference - Bracknell
@Finchampstead Baptist Church Gorse Ride North, Finchampstead, Berkshire, RG40 4ES
Many cities, towns and villages are experiencing growth through new housing. Our challenge as Christians is how we respond to these new communities with welcome and blessing. The New Housing Hub is a network that has been established to inspire, resource and connect pioneers, churches and individual Christians across the country and from all church traditions to respond to this challenge and engage with these new communities.
The Youth Evangelism Conference 2018 - Warrington
@Warrington, UK
In 2018, theYECuk looks stir the nation to action. Following the theme #gospeloffensive, the conference will address the ways in which the truth about Jesus presents an affront to our culture, and will call us to speak it anyway. Surely the church has spent too long adapting and shrinking. Jesus said that the kingdom of God is forcefully advancing. Could it be time for a new boldness in youth ministry that, by the Spirit of God actively sets out to captivate the hearts of a generation?

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