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A citizen engagement platform for local governments. It helps reach more citizens, manage their ideas efficiently, and make decisions based on real-time data. It introduces local democracies to the digital age.
Realising the potential of early intervention 
Early intervention is as pertinent to societal concerns today as it ever was. A report by the Early Intervention Foundation gives some insights into the latest state of play.
The effects of pro-family policies in Hungary 
"Hungary's ever increasing support for families by the government is creating an environment where marriages and families are flourishing and abortion numbers are dropping"
Navigating the asylum system
The Refugee Resource Centre for Churches (R2C2) was set up at the request of many Christian groups working with refugees in Britain, bringing together the expertise and experience of those involved in this vital work.
Transforming lives of resettled refugees through entrepreneurship 
How can we best help them start afresh? We can offer refugees the opportunity and the means to shape their own through entrepreneurship.
What MPs say are best ways to lobby 
Charities face the constant challenge of how to best use funds to get their message heard by politicians. Which approach is best?
Children’s or Youth Work Apprenticeships 
An option for children and youth workers? The Government part-fund costs and the apprentice must receive training towards vocational qualifications.
The 99 best things that happened in 2017 
An incredible year for global health. Stunning victories for global conservation. Rising living standards for billions of people. An amazing year for clean energy. Breakthroughs in justice. The world got less violent. Hope for a living planet.
Emergency Use Only: Update 2017  
Foodbank use update - what more had been learned, what initiatives were working locally, what policies had been changed and what still needs to be done.
Individualism says that it is someone else’s job to make the world better, and it’s my job to put some coins in their bucket. Interdependence says that it’s my job to make the world better.

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Universal Credit: “UC Savvy” facilitator training - London
@KXC Church Kings Cross London N1 9NG
A free 2 hour training to support local community groups & churches to help those going onto the new benefit Universal Credit (UC). “UC Savvy” is a free workshop, produced by the Just Finance Foundation, that groups can offer to those in their community to help them get ready for Universal Credit. This training will share the “UC Savvy” resources (powerpoints and handouts) and also prepare you to offer a “UC Savvy” workshop in your setting, either as to groups or through 1-to-1s.
Power & Responsibility Summit - London
@British Library Knowledge Centre 96 Euston Road London NW1 2DB
The DigitalAgenda Power & Responsibility summit explores how technology can respond to the societal and economic issues we face, and debates issues of regulation, trust and the unintended consequences of the digital age. Summit Themes: BUSINESS – Power, responsibility and the economy. Technology is changing our economy fast. But too many business models work against the public interest. How can tech business, and government, do more for the common good? SOCIETY – Responsible Innovation for good and regulation. How can it make the internet safer? What regulation is needed to ensure a fairer internet? How can we protect innovation? PEOPLE – Technology, online behaviour and safety. Digital’s effects on online behaviour, mental health and concerns over privacy and online safety. How can we get past the problems that it creates? What are the wellbeing benefits that digital promises for us?

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