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Connecting social action and faith-sharing
A helpful booklet about lessons learnt from social action + faith sharing. Case studies, tips and practical suggestions. "When you meet a need, you create a context to share something of the hope we have."
How to build an impact city: nurture neighbourhoods
“Small impact enterprises are a crucial part of a community’s fabric. Their societal impact is tangible, direct - well-connected to neighbourhood and inspiring locals to become more actively involved.”
ACEs Infographic
An infographic produced by the US Gov. but a lot holds true for the UK, allowing for a smaller population. It gives a picture of the problems and potential actions for prevention, which are fairly universal. Food for thought...
Charity takeovers
Should regulations allow dynamic charity takeovers? Currently, charities can consider merging but the number that do that is very small (0.1% of charities). Is the sector therefore risk adverse, inefficient with lots of duplication?
Possible national objectives to work towards to reduce ACEs
“Decades of evidence confirms that exposure to ACEs increases the risks of delayed development, mental health problems, chronic diseases.” Four Childhood Trauma Objectives introduced in USA are..
Let's continue to build community - collective intelligence
The advantages created when institutions mobilise the information, knowledge, skills and capabilities of the public to extend problem solving abilities.
Surveillance Capitalism: the hidden costs of the digital revolution 
An economic order built by aggregating human experience as free material to predict, manipulate behaviour and sell, resulting in great wealth, knowledge and power in private companies.
What can we learn from the world’s most peaceful societies? 
Peace is not just an absence of violence and war, but also people and groups getting along with each other: the cooperation, sharing, and kindness that we see in everyday society. An analysis..
Beating the bias in AI 
As organisations implement machine learning algorithms, it is crucial that we understand the implications of the biased decisions AI can make. ETIQ have built tools to detect and stop the bias, unfairness and bad decisions.
Clashing Agendas
David Freud tells the inside story of his battles - with Westminster and Whitehall alike - to modernize our welfare system inc Universal Credit. It is a riveting dialogue-driven account of how Government really works (or not).
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Online - The connected community, discovering the health, wealth, and power of neighbourhoods
The relationship between organisations and communities across the world is changing and this change is going to require a fundamental shift in behaviours from both officers in organisations and residents in communities.

International speaker and author Cormac Russell will draw on the concepts and approaches from his previous book: Rekindling Democracy: A Professional’s Guide to Working in Citizen Space and his new book which he co-authored with John McKnight, The Connected Community to spark a wide ranging discussion on how best to put communities at the centre of change. The keynote will explore four fundamental questions for creating vibrant and resilient: what can communities do that organisations cannot, what can communities do with organisations that neither can do alone, what can organisations do that communities cannot, and how can we get these competencies and strengths better aligned?

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