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The feeling of “charity” turns into spontaneous, personal solidarity 
You meet refugees who are mums, dads, students, sons, fellow lovers of coffee or old movies… you stop seeing them as refugees and start seeing them as individuals.
Modular housing
Products that could be used in small sites locally for rapid housing development. Quality housing, manufactured offsite to minimise on site disruption, whilst keeping the price well below the market average.
A stepping stone between renting and owning
Launching in early 2019, we will see an innovative approach called Unmortgage which will help people progress towards home ownership as they rent.
Creating a full circle solution to homelessness 
The Social Bite Village will create an innovative, low cost, safe living environment for up to 20 people for around 12 -18 months. During this time the residents will receive extensive support.
Shelter design can help people recover from homelessness  
The interior design of homeless shelters or transitional accommodation can either support or hinder people’s ability to assert control over their future and their self-esteem.
Community-led housing - policy and case studies 
Why and how Councils are enabling and supporting community-led housing (CLH), together with case studies.
StART Haringey 
A community group In North London aims to build 800 homes on a former hospital site, 75% of which will be genuinely affordable to local residents.
Community-Led Development
A look at community involvement in local planning which can then lead to self-build schemes as well as neighbourhood improvement.
Self-build housing - a win, win, win? 
With the housing shortage increasingly acute, groups and LAs around the UK are looking to community self-build as a potential solution.
Housing First - experience of a pilot 
In Manchester, Shelter are running a 2 year Housing First pilot working with people with complex needs. Some results are being seen.

Events (2 found)

Housing Justice/Refugees at Home Hosting Information Evening - London
@Bermondsey Central Hall 256 Bermondsey Street London SE1 3UJ
In keeping with Refugee week, Housing Justice Hosting and Refugees at Home are holding a joint information evening for anyone who may have a spare room and wish to help asylum seekers and forced migrants.
Social Housing Scottish Annual Conference - Glasgow
@The Studio, 67 Hope Street Glasgow G2 6AE
Bringing together 200 plus ?nance directors and business leaders from across the Scottish housing sector to learn how to stay ahead in this new ?nancial, economic and political landscape. Leading speakers will take the stage to deliver hard-hitting presentations, panel debates and ?reside chats covering the most crucial topics including the implications of Brexit, 50,000 homes target – progress and next steps, regulatory framework, funding and investment opportunities, tenant challenges, governance as well as taking a look into the future post 2021.

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