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Compassionate Communities
A “compassionate community” scheme in Frome aimed at tackling loneliness and associated ill health has helped cut emergency hospital admissions by 17%.
U-Turn - a sustainable way to address the needs of the homeless 
A pathway out of homelessness which engages the community, links with specialist support services, develops life skills and gets people into employment whilst generating income from social enterprise.
Yondr - helping to live phone-free 
The effect on school campuses has been dramatic; increased attention, more socialising, better grades and lower number of discipline issues.
Why beauty matters 
“At every level of the human experience, we are looking for the beautiful, something that gives priority to our souls, not just our physical needs.”
Neighbourhood economics 
Why do we need to wait for government or authorities to steer money to local projects? Here's some ideas about getting the local community involved in action and funding.
Food security and jobs for unemployed 
On the rooftops of the tall buildings in Johannesburg, a green revolution is happening - an initiative to create urban gardening businesses on vacant roofs aimed at creating jobs for the unemployed whilst at the same time providing food.
Practical action for employers minded by the common good to help address the widening gap between top earners and lowest paid workers.
Making the case for new school designs 
Our model of schooling is more than 100 years old and has barely changed in that time. 10 questions to help thinking.
Piggy Bank Friday 
An initiative in primary schools with 10-11 year olds to develop financial literacy. At one school. pupils saved over £24,000 in one year.
Nudging tools for money advisers 
A toolkit, which uses behavioural science to better engage and support people with unmanageable debt.

Events (1 found)

The New Contextual Church Conference - Durham
@St John's College 3 South Bailey Durham DH1 3RJ
A day conference bringing together pioneers/practitioners and academics researching new forms of church, with keynote speaker, Michael Moynagh. Come to hear the latest research into fresh expressions of church, new contextual churches and new ecclesial communities, and to hear stories from practitioners working in this field.

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