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The fifth industrial revolution 
“I see a crisis of trust in technology. In the Fifth Industrial Revolution, we’re going to have to have a chief ethical and humane use officer. Are we using these technologies for the good of the world?”
Creating a 'Social Business City'
Taoyuan City, Taiwan has created “an enabling ecosystem for social businesses, social enterprises and social innovation” by removing obstacles and giving them the “power, means, opportunities and authority to pursue their goals”
Four key shifts facing the Church
"What would a collaborative, dynamic, authentic, sacrificial, generative and innovative community of Christlike leaders look like?" Four key shifts could help transition to answers to this question. They are..
Growing a healthy and mature prophetic culture 
10 years ago, God spoke to Cath very clearly and told her to start multiplying. Taking things that He'd been teaching them in their church, going to others and enabling them to grow a healthy prophetic culture.
How businesses can shift from social responsibility to social change 
Including people with lived experience of social problems in identifying, implementing solutions creates impactful, sustainable social change in ways not possible with just board decisions.
Microchurches: co-existing with existing churches, working in partnership
Microchurches are adaptable, lightweight, and lay-led communities that live out their missional identity in a particular network or neighbourhood. They can co-exist with existing churches to reach all the nooks and crannies of society.
The 5 vital signs of a scalable idea  
Some ideas that initially seem so promising fail to work on a bigger scale - voltage drops. There are five specific and universal causes of voltage drops and how to avoid them. If these can be overcome then...
Decarbonising transport
Two examples of green innovation. Replacing a diesel transport refrigeration unit could be the equivalent of removing 31 cars from the road and solar foils which can be customized to any vehicle rooftop.
Nurturing curiosity and invention 
Virtually everyone begins life with building blocks to construct new ideas. But by 5, only some are still on a path to become adept at such thinking, while most leave it farther behind. But such a fate is not inevitable.
Using tech to help people get back into work 
Held over 3 days, Hack2Work brought together over 150 people from many backgrounds to develop innovative digital solutions to help people back into employment post-pandemic. There were 2 winning teams..
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Online - Church & A.I.
Technology is rapidly advancing. How can church, ministry and faith-based charity leaders respond to developments in artificial intelligence?
This interactive and informative 75 minute session will dive into the ethical and theological implications of AI, exploring its potential benefits and challenges for faith communities, including the potential impact of AI on; Evangelism, training and worship, Research and sermon prep via Generative AI..
In-Person - National Digital Conference - AI Day - Manchester
@No.1 Circle Square Oxford Road Manchester
Navigating the Risks and Benefits of AI for Your Organisation
Without any safety measures in place, what are the risks? Can they generate potentially harmful content, such as advice on planning attacks or hate speech? We will look at issues like bias; competition, and the loss of certain jobs as well as new jobs. 
We will leave the day inspired by the possibilities of this new technology spoke good does about how we can use them now to improve our organisations, but also with a good understanding of their limitations and faults and having heard what the government is doing to regulate and remove the unintended consequences of this new area of change.

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