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What do I use today to make a difference for Christ? 
The Mayor recently became a believer, and exclaimed, “Every town should have a Father’s House!” She advocates a video about the transformation of the city.
Transforming lives of resettled refugees through entrepreneurship 
How can we best help them start afresh? We can offer refugees the opportunity and the means to shape their own through entrepreneurship.
Speak life to your surroundings 
The Police Chief recently reported that ‘We are one of the few cities in where crime has gone down instead of up!’
Going against the current 
"You don't drift toward holiness because the currents that we live in are all drifting toward the values of a broken world, the easy path, a lukewarmness that Jesus spat out."
Prayer signs 
Barry Schoder broke the Lord's Prayer down, part by part, posting it onto ten red and white signs that could be read progressively as one drove down the main avenue of his town..
The Barber helping men with dementia 
Lenny takes his pop-up barbershop to dementia care homes, providing a much-needed service to the men who reside there. But Lenny does more than cut their hair..
Discerning God in the local economy 
A ‘Retreat on the Street’ practice leads to an unexpected approach from some local businesses.
2018 Modern Families Index 
A significant proportion of UK’s working parents are struggling to cope with long work hours – and stalling and downshifting their careers for family life.
Three changes for 2018 
Relatively easy changes that businesses can make in 2018 that help people either avoid poverty or help them get out of poverty.
Today's leaders need to commit to a purpose 
Paul Polman, the CEO of Unilever, talks about his personal mission to be a force for good instead of just making a profit.

Events (5 found)

Be an Ethical Capitalist with Julian Richer - London
@The Salvation Army’s Regent Hall 275 Oxford Street London W1C 2DJ
Talk by Julian Richer, the founder of Richer Sounds, one of Britain’s favourite retailers, Julian will show why when businesses and enterprises aim to be a force for good as well as for wealth creation, when they commit themselves to serve not just their shareholders but the wider community , they will invariably reap the benefits.15% of the company’s profits are donated to charitable causes. Julian Richer is the founder of Acts 435, set up to help those in need.
Putting Values to Work - London
@LICC, St. Peter's Church, Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ
Values. Every business claims to have them, but do they actually make a difference to the way we work? As Christians in business, are our values different from others’? Should they be? Should being a values-based business be an integral part of workplace discipleship, or is it just the latest business gimmick? Join LICC for an evening discussing these questions.
God in the Marketplace - Sunderland
@Hope Spring Centre, Manor Road, Sunderland, NE37 3BD
The Ekklesia, Jesus’ church, was never meant to resemble a POW camp but a world changing army on the march. The Gates of Hades are deeply entrenched in our cities but so is the church, which in most nations has a branch in every city and a representative in every neighbourhood. This conference will show you how to be Jesus’ Ekklesia in order to overcome those gates in your personal life, in your family and in your sphere of influence and see your cities and nations transformed.
Social Venture Weekend - Cambridge
@Cambridge Judge Business School, Trumpington St, Cambridge , CB2 1AG
The Social Venture Weekend at Cambridge Judge Business School is for anyone with an ambition to set up or grow a business that makes a positive social or environmental impact. The workshop is an inspiring introduction to the social venture sector and a valuable opportunity to focus intensely on your own business. You’ll have the opportunity to share and test your ideas with others and learn from the experience of successful social entrepreneurs.
Refreshing Chaplaincy: Changing Economy - Swanwick
@The Hayes Conference Centre Swanwick, Derbyshire DE55 1AU
National Workplace Chaplaincy Mission UK Conference 2018. Celebrating opportunities to be change-makers when working life is shifting. How to help people to flourish through the highs and lows of life. Connections between chaplaincy and mental health at work, Asking the right questions in personal encounters to help people use their own resources for change, Making links between chaplaincy and local churches, How we work with other faiths, Training

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