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Childlike faith… in business? 
How does being childlike work out in the context of work? Being childlike in a business environment is surely exactly what we don’t want to be? Being childlike, worry free and totally dependent on someone bigger and stronger than yourself.
Purple Shoots
A not-for-profit microfinance organisation, set up to tackle unemployment and economic problems in communities. Helps people on benefits or a low income to start their own businesses, lending to people who are excluded by the traditional lenders.
SENT: grow transformational leaders 
SENT is a new small group course from the Evangelical Alliance to help churches equip public leaders in their congregations to be transformational in the workplace.
God is there and enough
Sonny Vu and Christy Trang Le, co-founders of Misfit Wearables, have had their faith tested as entrepreneurs. But relying on their faith, they helped build up a company founded on servant leadership.
Denver Day Works
Pays homeless residents to perform public service work for the city. More than 300 people have participated, and 145 found permanent employment.
Repositioning the Church to reach the lost
It's easier to attend a church that gathers lost people than become a people who alter communities. Yet God is not sending lost people into church; He sends the Church out into the world.
Executive Toolbox
Executive Toolbox run by LICC is a programme for Christian workplace leaders, which is uniquely structured to help you have a significant impact on the way you work, the people you work with and the organisations you work in.
God's healing for businesses
Can the activities of businesses be affected by spiritual factors just as individuals are? Are there spiritual issues in your company that should be addressed and change brought to those areas?
Focusing on the 1%
"We've got employees that have a label of 'ex-offender' but here they're producing product rated in the top 1% of coffees. We're doing that so that the quality of their work will change the perception of the public."
The spirituality of professional skills and business  
Of Jesus’ 132 public appearances, 122 were in the marketplace. Of 52 parables Jesus told, 45 had a workplace context. Jesus spent his adult life as a carpenter until age 30 before he went into a preaching ministry in the workplace.

Events (7 found)

Restor(y)ing the Imagination - London
@LICC, St. Peter’s, Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ
Whatever our calling might be, as creatures made in God’s image we are commissioned by the Creator for cultural creativity. We are made to be makers, whether we’re building bridges or tending families, creating art or legislation. How can we become image bearers whose culture-making is fuelled by a biblical imagination? Join us for an evening with James KA Smith, influential author and thought leader, to explore how our immersion in the practices of the body of Christ is a way to curate a biblical imagination for faithful creation.
@St. Peter's Church, Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ
A four-day intensive with LICC to refresh and resource you for impact right where you are. Can you imagine it? Living courageously for Christ amid the complexities of our times – right where you are? As followers of Jesus in the UK today we’re called to live as people with a distinct story in a culture that, in the main, doesn’t know, believe, or even necessarily care about it. How then shall we live joyfully for Christ in the UK today, amongst the people we talk with, work with, live with, relax with, and care for day-by-day?
On earth as it is in heaven - HeartEdge conference 2019 - Edinburgh
@Parish Church of St Cuthbert 5 Lothian Road Edinburgh EH1 2EP
The HeartEdge Conference is a practical, two-day intensive of ideas, theology and connecting. It includes workshops on enterprise and commerce, launching cultural projects, developing congregations and sustaining community response, plus time to make connections and find encouragements. This two-day intensive will pack in lots and prioritise practical input and resources. HeartEdge welcomes US theologian Winnie Varghese, asset-based community worker Cormac Russell, and The Right Rev Colin Sinclair (Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland), The Most Reverend Mark Strange (The Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church) and Dr Sara Parvis (Senior Lecturer in Patristics, University of Edinburgh) in conversation with Sheena McDonald on the theme of Renewing the Church.
B-Inspired - London
B Corps, B Inspired will bring together leaders to celebrate and showcase stories about people using business as a force for good. Join us for an afternoon of 'fire side chats' and TEDx style talks.
SALT 2019 - Restorative stewardship - London
@CCT Venues-Docklands, Canary Wharf Thames Quay 193 Marsh Wall London E14 9SG
Bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs, aid workers and thought leaders from across the UK, unified around a single goal: to maximise the common good through developing successful and sustainable business enterprise. Explore, with leaders from the forefront of business and social impact, how we can all play a role in effectively stewarding wealth, people and planet. Listen to Christian business leaders from a range of sectors and hear how they are being part of transforming business, transforming communities and transforming lives.
Everything Conference 2019 - London
@St Mary's, Wyndham Place, York St, London, W1H 1PQ
"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it." Psalm 24:1 Christian mission often focuses on spiritual and social renewal but what about cultural renewal? What part should that play and how should we go about it? The Everything Conference exists to equip individuals to work for the renewal of culture and the flourishing of their communities. Join us on Saturday 9th November for an inspiring day of talks, interviews and short films, with times of worship and prayer.
Employee Ownership Annual Conference 2019 - Birmingham
@ Hilton Birmingham Metropole The NEC Birmingham, Pendigo Way, Birmingham, B40 1PP
Where employee ownership meets in the UK. Share, support and celebrate business excellence in employee owned businesses. Join to Be involved, Be informed and Be inspired.Be involved in networking with like-minded businesses and advisors to employee owned businesses. Be informed via a choice of 30+ short hack sessions, seminars, workshops and strategy sessions targeted at different stages in the employee ownership business cycle. Be inspired by our three keynote speakers as well as the stories of award winners at the UK Employee Ownership Awards.

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