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The spirituality of professional skills and business  
Of Jesus’ 132 public appearances, 122 were in the marketplace. Of 52 parables Jesus told, 45 had a workplace context. Jesus spent his adult life as a carpenter until age 30 before he went into a preaching ministry in the workplace.
Hey Papa, got a minute? 
“If Papa had a physical office in our company, how many decisions would you make without Him and what decisions would you consult Him on?"
Where can I get a bag like that?
Saddleback Leather is a business that supports ministry/missions, but also has a mission all its own — loving people, especially customers and employees.
Being a witness for God in the marketplace
"We're always on display and I think that's the way God intended it. So many times whenever we interact with people, people are watching us."
Lausanne Global Classroom: Wealth Creation 
Highlights the importance of wealth creation for global Christianity and the church in order to inspire young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and individuals.
You won't save places you don't love
The homes, the classroom, the workplace or the marketplace can become sanctuaries as we learn how to love those places and all who share them with us.
Beauty out of brokenness
"There's hope in broken people. There's beauty in broken things. That's not just what happened to us but what also God wanted to do through us - bring hope, expose beauty."
What do I use today to make a difference for Christ? 
The Mayor recently became a believer, and exclaimed, “Every town should have a Father’s House!” She advocates a video about the transformation of the city.
Transforming lives of resettled refugees through entrepreneurship 
How can we best help them start afresh? We can offer refugees the opportunity and the means to shape their own through entrepreneurship.
Speak life to your surroundings 
The Police Chief recently reported that ‘We are one of the few cities in where crime has gone down instead of up!’

Events (4 found)

Salt Conference 2018: #StandTogether - London
@Central Hall Westminster Storey's Gate London SW1H 9NH
Explore faith, business and the Sustainable Development Goals. The conference provides a unique opportunity to learn how you can be supported and equipped to be a changemaker in whichever business God has called you to. Listen to business leaders from a range of sectors and hear how they’re transforming business, communities and lives. Find out how you can join with other Christian business leaders to be a real force for good in the world.
Business As Mission Congress 2018 - Netherlands
@Bonfire Wijnstraat 117 3311 BT Dordrecht Netherlands
For Businessmen, academics and BAM practitioners. Understand what BAM is about, Be inspired by different practitioners out of the BAM field. Have tools to do BAM by yourself. BAM practitioners, investors and BAM Leaders from around the world will share their most insightful experiences.
Faith & Finance: Vision for the Global Marketplace - London
@St. Peter's Church, Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ
An evening with Amanda Wachsmuth Heavens, an Executive Director in Risk Management at Morgan Stanley, as we examine ways the Christian message provides an alternative vision for the global marketplace. The myth of progress has led the Western world to a skewed view of money and economics, and we see the pitfalls of money and power everywhere, as well as their God-given potential. As Christians, how do we hold on to the importance of method and motivation as much as outcome in generating profits?
Masterclass in supporting employee ownership transition - Birmingham
@Hilton Birmingham Metropole hotel, Birmingham
Employee ownership is the fastest growing succession solution for SMEs and family businesses in the UK, providing an impactful solution for future succession and growth. Join us for a one-day masterclass that will develop your knowledge of employee ownership through; Technical seminars, Keynote speakers, Networking

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