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The positive effects of expressive writing 
Expressive writing or journaling has a healing quality, encouraging writers to process and find meaning from a difficult life circumstance, to let it go, and to create a new story for their lives.
Can being in nature speed up healing?
At Oslo University Hospital, sick kids aren’t confined to bed. They fish, chop wood, shoot arrows and paint pictures, all in a woodland cabin 650 feet from the building.
Bible-based trauma healing
Trauma is part of the human experience in the broken world. How do people recover from trauma? Can the Bible help? What can the Church do? The Healing the Wounds of Trauma model can be used in any context.
Mental Health Access Pack
A partnership of three organisations - Livability, The Mind and Soul Foundation and Premier Life - has recently completely updated a free resource pack about mental health.
The friendship bench
Zimbabwe has been pioneering a groundbreaking mental health programme with stunning results. It uses public benches and a team of grandmothers to tackle depression.
Online suicide prevention training
Free 20 minute training on how to recognise the warning signs and safeguard someone that could be contemplating suicide.
In our efforts to protect, are we increasing children's anxiety?
To become a confident, competent adult, should children go outside more, make their own mistakes and figure things out? Putting children in control helps them learn to solve problems, and cope better in new environments.
What to say to parents of a child with cancer
It can be hard to know what to say, what to do or how to be a friend. Tips on what to say to avoid difficult social situations and how to practically help the people close to you.
Give managers basic training in mental health 
Training managers to help care for employees' mental health would turn a contributing factor of mental illness—the workplace—into a protective one.
Teenage mental health and family life
It should be fairly self-evident that the main way we cope with life depends in large part on the security we get from what is going on at home. Research shows two key factors..

Events (3 found)

Self Harm Equipping and Supporting Workshop - Luton
@Youthscape, Bute Mills, 74 Bute St, Luton, LU1 2EY
Our Self-harm Equipping and Supporting Workshop is ideal for those who want to a foundational understanding of self-harm along with developing the practical skills to run a support session with a young person and develop a self-harm policy for their organisation . This training suits youth workers, teachers, those offering pastoral support in schools and anyone else who has professional involvement with young people.
Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience - Bath
Youthscape course focusing on the emotional wellbeing and resilience of young people. Wellbeing and resilience are words we frequently hear but what do they actually mean and why are they so important? As youth workers, how can we help develop resilience skills and strengthen the wellbeing of the young people we support? This training provides key insight into understanding adolescent mental health and brain development, along with the practical skills to recognise the indicators of an underlying mental health concern and the tools/activities to support. The course gives free downloadable resources to compliment your work whether that be in a 1:1 setting in school, church, youth work or mentoring, as well as whole youth group approaches to improving emotional wellbeing.
Running on Empty - Christianity and Mental Health - Brighton
@St Peter's Church, Brighton BN1 4GU
Mind and Soul event. A day of equipping, educating and encouraging. It will be our most creative event yet with a range of keynotes and seminars. TOPICS INCLUDE: Anxiety & depression, Coastal Mental Health, ME, Leadership, Stress recovery, Youth Wellbeing, Recovery & Spirituality. SPEAKERS INCLUDE: Dr Kate Middleton, Rev Will Van Der Hart, Dr Chi Chi Obuaya, Dr Rob Waller, Tanya Marlow amongst others.

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