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Mental Health Access Pack
A partnership of three organisations - Livability, The Mind and Soul Foundation and Premier Life - has recently completely updated a free resource pack about mental health.
The friendship bench
Zimbabwe has been pioneering a groundbreaking mental health programme with stunning results. It uses public benches and a team of grandmothers to tackle depression.
Online suicide prevention training
Free 20 minute training on how to recognise the warning signs and safeguard someone that could be contemplating suicide.
In our efforts to protect, are we increasing children's anxiety?
To become a confident, competent adult, should children go outside more, make their own mistakes and figure things out? Putting children in control helps them learn to solve problems, and cope better in new environments.
What to say to parents of a child with cancer
It can be hard to know what to say, what to do or how to be a friend. Tips on what to say to avoid difficult social situations and how to practically help the people close to you.
Give managers basic training in mental health 
Training managers to help care for employees' mental health would turn a contributing factor of mental illness—the workplace—into a protective one.
Teenage mental health and family life
It should be fairly self-evident that the main way we cope with life depends in large part on the security we get from what is going on at home. Research shows two key factors..
Stories of resilience 
Over the past 18 months, some charities in Scotland working in partnership with churches have been running a remarkable campaign to help make Scotland the first Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Aware nation in the world.
Breaking the silence on child abuse
Nobody really knows how many adults were abused as children, either sexually, physically or emotionally. The devastating long-term impact of child abuse is only beginning to be widely understood.
Why Rev. Chad Varah started The Samaritans 
The Samaritans in the UK now have have 21,200 volunteers, 201 branches and receive around 5,100,000 calls for help per year. But how did it start?

Events (2 found)

Winter Nightshelters and Mental Health - London
@London Diocesan House, 36 Causton Street London SW1P 4AU
Following on from the 2018 Lent Appeal on Homelessness; Capital Mass is hosting a series of networking and training events to help support all team members involved in hosting and delivering Winter Night Shelters. Are you a Parish who is hosting a Winter Night Shelter? Are you volunteering at a Winter Night Shelter and wanting to raise your awareness and skills? Then please join with parishes and volunteers as we raise our understanding and confidence to better be able to support the guests we see each night. This first gathering is on Mental Health and will be delivered by Barney Wells, Director of Enabling Assessment Service London which is a mental health team supporting homeless people across London and the agencies that work with them.
Christian Mindfulness Day - Edinburgh
@Central Hall, 2 West Tollcross, Edinburgh EH3 9BP
Is mindfulness compatible with the Christian faith? What does the Bible say? How can Christians benefit from mindfulness, meditation and contemplation? What is the scientific evidence that mindfulness, meditation and contemplation practice lead to improved mental health? What about compassion and self-compassion? How can we develop these Christ-like characteristics? Keynote Speakers; Rev Shaun Lambert, Richard H H Johnston; Dr Rob Waller

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