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Why news is so negative
If a headline reads, "Some very sad, terrible news to share", it's hard to resist opening the article. It makes an important point though - consuming news of the awful is addictive. What are effects?
Breaking the cycle of generational trauma 
Have you heard the saying, "Hurt people hurt people"? Instead of passing down hurt, we need to pass down healing by recognising symptoms of trauma, building resilience and restoring the brain and body. Details..
Giving parents authority over children's social media
Encouraging law on social media - an example for governments to follow. Gives full administrator-level access to parents, so that they can see everything that their children are doing on social media.
Four core regrets in life
“How often do you look back in your life and wish you had done something differently?” Analysis of 23,000 regrets from around world show four core regrets and how regret, while painful in the moment, can help us move forward.
Forgiveness and releasing a sense of entitlement
God started to speak to her about things that had gone on in her life. She says, "We want to transform the world which God wants too but there were things in my life, my family, which were not dealt with.".
10 tips for sexual abuse prevention
Info that helps caregivers feel empowered. Specific strategies for how to talk with children about this difficult topic, how to respond if abuse is suspected. Identify misinformation that puts children at greater risk.
'Such love.. When no one else could deal with me I had you.'
One25 meet women who are traumatised by childhood abuse, violence. They are stigmatised, marginalised, locked out of society. Many are in crisis and many are street sex-working.
Insight into trauma-informed education settings
Six core principles that value and nurture transformative relationships with young people without re-traumatising. For a school program to be effective, it must include four R’s and embed principles across school..
Offering hope to domestic abuse victims 
What do churches need to consider when it comes to domestic abuse, and how can they walk alongside and help victims best? We want our churches to be communities of hope - places where the right kind of support can be given.
Healing 'Church hurt' with coffee and community 
A common issue is ‘church hurt’ - pain stemming from experiences within a church community. For 10 years, The Salvation Army has been working to help heal these wounds through a relational ministry at a coffee shop...
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Online - Church & A.I.
Technology is rapidly advancing. How can church, ministry and faith-based charity leaders respond to developments in artificial intelligence?
This interactive and informative 75 minute session will dive into the ethical and theological implications of AI, exploring its potential benefits and challenges for faith communities, including the potential impact of AI on; Evangelism, training and worship, Research and sermon prep via Generative AI..

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