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Forgiveness and releasing a sense of entitlement
God started to speak to her about things that had gone on in her life. She says, "We want to transform the world which God wants too but there were things in my life, my family, which were not dealt with.".
10 tips for sexual abuse prevention
Info that helps caregivers feel empowered. Specific strategies for how to talk with children about this difficult topic, how to respond if abuse is suspected. Identify misinformation that puts children at greater risk.
'Such love.. When no one else could deal with me I had you.'
One25 meet women who are traumatised by childhood abuse, violence. They are stigmatised, marginalised, locked out of society. Many are in crisis and many are street sex-working.
Insight into trauma-informed education settings
Six core principles that value and nurture transformative relationships with young people without re-traumatising. For a school program to be effective, it must include four R’s and embed principles across school..
Offering hope to domestic abuse victims 
What do churches need to consider when it comes to domestic abuse, and how can they walk alongside and help victims best? We want our churches to be communities of hope - places where the right kind of support can be given.
Healing 'Church hurt' with coffee and community 
A common issue is ‘church hurt’ - pain stemming from experiences within a church community. For 10 years, The Salvation Army has been working to help heal these wounds through a relational ministry at a coffee shop...
When do your secrets hurt your wellbeing? 
While there is nothing inherently wrong with having secrets - it depends what the secret is and what revealing involves - the more burdensome it is for you to keep, the more likely it will affect your well-being.
Wysa - Ai-based mental health support
In a real-world evaluation of effectiveness, users who used the app regularly showed a 40% improvement in self-reported symptoms of depression when compared to infrequent users.
An effective way to reduce violent crimes?
Evidence that offering at-risk men behavioral therapy plus opportunities to earn a living greatly reduces the future risk of crime and violence, even 10 years after the intervention.
Forgiveness versus revenge responses to victimization. Compared with revenge, forgiveness was more effective at restoring sense of humanity - less self-harm, greater sense of belonging and greater importance of moral identity.
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Online - Creative Change Makers 2023 - Creativity + Mental Health
Be inspired & empower your mental well-being through creative ideas + new thinking.
  • Meet creative experts + speakers
  • Be empowered by stories + case studies
  • Learn ideas on how to keep positive + stay focused
  • Become part of a caring + supportive community
  • Network + take part in making a positive difference
  • Support a creative charity by joining in
This time of year can be challenging. We're coming together as a community of like-minded creative thinkers to make a difference, to you and support each other with ideas and advice on this topic. Research has shown that feeling better inside makes you kinder to the world outside. We can all change the world. The first step is self-care, becoming get empowered + then taking actions. Feel better, do better: it's a no-brainer.
Online and In Person - Traumatised Communities to Trauma Informed & Relationship Centred Communities - Bath
@Trauma Recovery Centre Lower Bristol Road Twerton
Trauma Recovery UK Conference 2023. Designed to equip professionals working with children, young people and families who have experienced trauma.
This is our third conference and this year we will be discussing the theme Traumatised Communities to Trauma Informed & Relationship Centred Communities.
In-Person - Supporting young people’s mental and emotional health - London
@London Diocesan House 36 Causton Street London
Would you like to learn more about how you can access information, resources and advice to support young people’s mental and emotional health? The Diocese of London is partnering with the charity Youthscape to provide an introduction to Headstrong, their new online Mental Health Resource Hub.

This short stand-alone training will provide:
A brief introduction to mental and emotional health, with a focus on young people.
An introduction to the Headstrong Mental Health Resource Hub. It will walk you through the online information, advice and support available to support young people’s mental and emotional health.
The opportunity to ask questions, and to network with others interested in supporting young people’s mental and emotional health.

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