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Mental Health Access Pack
A partnership of three organisations - Livability, The Mind and Soul Foundation and Premier Life - has recently completely updated a free resource pack about mental health.
The friendship bench
Zimbabwe has been pioneering a groundbreaking mental health programme with stunning results. It uses public benches and a team of grandmothers to tackle depression.
Online suicide prevention training
Free 20 minute training on how to recognise the warning signs and safeguard someone that could be contemplating suicide.
In our efforts to protect, are we increasing children's anxiety?
To become a confident, competent adult, should children go outside more, make their own mistakes and figure things out? Putting children in control helps them learn to solve problems, and cope better in new environments.
What to say to parents of a child with cancer
It can be hard to know what to say, what to do or how to be a friend. Tips on what to say to avoid difficult social situations and how to practically help the people close to you.
Give managers basic training in mental health 
Training managers to help care for employees' mental health would turn a contributing factor of mental illness—the workplace—into a protective one.
Teenage mental health and family life
It should be fairly self-evident that the main way we cope with life depends in large part on the security we get from what is going on at home. Research shows two key factors..
Stories of resilience 
Over the past 18 months, some charities in Scotland working in partnership with churches have been running a remarkable campaign to help make Scotland the first Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Aware nation in the world.
Breaking the silence on child abuse
Nobody really knows how many adults were abused as children, either sexually, physically or emotionally. The devastating long-term impact of child abuse is only beginning to be widely understood.
Why Rev. Chad Varah started The Samaritans 
The Samaritans in the UK now have have 21,200 volunteers, 201 branches and receive around 5,100,000 calls for help per year. But how did it start?

Events (3 found)

Trauma Healing: Initial Equipping Course - Birmingham
@Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church, Trinity Hill, Sutton Coldfield, B72 1TA
“The proven model of the Trauma Healing Institute uses applied Scripture and mental health principles to address spiritual and emotional wounds caused by war, violence, natural disasters and abuse. The book, Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help, has been translated and taught in over 100 countries with more than 190 language groups in Africa, Asia, the Pacific and the Americas. The model applies equally well to lesser degrees of trauma.”
Mental Health Matters - Manchester
@!Audacious Church M3 7BB
At a time in our nation where mental ill-health is being talked about as an epidemic, we believe that the Church has a vital role in presenting a different narrative which is full of hope and the possibility of breakthrough. Mental Health Matters brings together biblical truth and psychology, personal stories and the power of the Holy Spirit. This year’s programme will include practical workshops on: Young People’s Emotional Health - equipping parents, educators and youth workers to further understand and help the young people they are connected with. Men’s Emotional Health; busting the stereotype - a workshop speaking into the area of men’s emotional health and well being (for men only) Managing Stress; preventing burnout - a workshop focused on developing and maintaining your health and well being. Getting to the root of the issue - helping you understand how to address the root of the problem and not just the symptoms.
The Church and Mental Wellbeing - Bournemouth
@The Barrington Centre Pennys Walk Ferndown BH22 9TH
How do you as a Church leader, youth worker or key volunteer offer the most effective support to those who come looking for help? How do you comfort the bereaved and hold the broken-hearted? What can you say or do to offer solace to a teen with unrelenting anxiety? Supporting church leaders, pastoral ministers and key volunteers to find new and positive ways to embrace those who live with mental health needs, enabling them to feel welcome, wanted and useful, with sessions on; Addiction, Depression, Grief and loss, Anxiety in young people.

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