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Toxic workplaces increase risk of depression by 300% 
A year-long study has found that full time workers employed by organisations that fail to prioritise their employees’ mental health have a threefold increased risk of being diagnosed with depression.
Forgiveness: A tool for personal growth and global healing 
Forgiveness is a deeply personal choice independent from seeking justice or atonement. Forgiveness improves physical health, mental wellbeing, and relationships across all ages.
The ‘abyss of irrelevance’ 
What happens when your identity is founded on what you do and then that is removed? Are you facing the ‘abyss of irrelevance’ and what should you do? Some principles..
Together Again app launched to help ease mental health worries
A game offering questions and conversation prompts to help us talk through the challenges we’ve felt during the pandemic, our anxieties about society reopening and our hopes for the future.
How one little word gives you permission to feel your feelings
When you use the word “but” between two statements, it negates everything you say before it, while “and” allows you to be saying (and holding) both. “And” is a powerful word. As a concept for healing, it’s life-changing.
If you want to be happy, try to make someone else happy
It’s counterintuitive for some people, but if you’re not having the best day, you should think about doing something nice for someone instead of concentrating on yourself.
Jericho social enterprises
Providing people with work, training in their social businesses, projects. They are breaking barriers, changing lives. 7 businesses offering goods, services to their communities and employment to local people who need it most.
15 things for young people to do if they are feeling lonely 
Anyone can experience loneliness. Almost 70% of young people said they have felt alone some or all of the time during the pandemic. Here are some tips..
What does it mean to be a Christian entrepreneur? 
There are hundreds of Christian entrepreneurs who struggle with anxiety. Why? It relates to identity. It comes from a feedback loop that doesn’t come from their time in Scripture, but from society at large.
Does childhood trauma affect our relationship with God?
The victims’ sense of being loved, accepted by God can be disrupted leading to difficulty in believing in God’s love. They may question God’s power and justice. Underreport God as absolute or just.
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Online - Beyond Survival: Sustainable Wellbeing
As we continue to recover from the pandemic, activities are increasing again. We've been in survival mode, but this is now changing- and it brings new opportunities. However, we may have less energy than expected in this new season. We are still recovering, and our recovery may take time.

Now the pace of change has shifted, we have new choices- will we get on the fast track once again or use this time to consider what will help us manage the challenges of coping with continued demands, as we look to live beyond survival strategies?

Join Sanctuary's Janice Gittens. Katharine Welby- Roberts and Corin Piling in this interactive workshop as we explore the impact of collective trauma and disrupted rhythms to find a way to make life work in this season. We invite you on a reflective journey of wellbeing with God at the centre.

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