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Wysa - Ai-based mental health support
In a real-world evaluation of effectiveness, users who used the app regularly showed a 40% improvement in self-reported symptoms of depression when compared to infrequent users.
An effective way to reduce violent crimes?
Evidence that offering at-risk men behavioral therapy plus opportunities to earn a living greatly reduces the future risk of crime and violence, even 10 years after the intervention.
Forgiveness versus revenge responses to victimization. Compared with revenge, forgiveness was more effective at restoring sense of humanity - less self-harm, greater sense of belonging and greater importance of moral identity.
Nourish - helping to address maternal mental health
“The transition from being an independent career woman to a mother whose focus was nappies, sleep routines, feeds, was one of the most challenging life adjustments.” The Nourish app aims to help..
Mental Health - helping churches respond to growing challenges in our communities
The free, 8 session Sanctuary Course helps churches grow as safe, welcoming communities, prepared to support those who face mental health challenges.
Pop-up pods help to tackle homelessness
Each ‘pod’ provides a bed, chemical toilet, charging facilities. Aimed at helping people sleeping on the streets who have complex needs so may struggle in hostel style accommodation. Have made a real difference.
Doctors screening for ACEs have seen reduction in drugs given to children
"Understanding root cause of symptoms, addressing toxic stress in a child's life is a paradigm shift and allows us to address the whole child that simply treating symptoms doesn't."
Step Inside the Circle
"In prison, you're not supposed to show your weaknesses. But to take each step forward in the circle was a reminder to ourselves that we still have humanity and we want to be loved. Most people on the outside don't understand it."
R;pple - suicide prevention technology
Alice Hendy lost her brother Josh, 21, on 25/11/2020 to suicide. Josh had been researching how to take his own life via harmful internet searches. In order to prevent more suicides, Alice set up R;pple to discretely intercept harmful searches.
Helping people with trauma after a disaster - 2
Trauma healing materials mainly focus on help that can be given when sufferers are in recovery. There is less material to help with practical care immediately after a crisis. Article seeks to address this..
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Events (1 found)

In-Person - Changing the Story (for survivors of domestic abuse) 2022 - London
@Holy Trinity Claygate Church Road Claygate Esher
A day of inspiring talks and expert seminars, exploring how you can join with Restored to change the story for survivors of domestic abuse. It will help equip your church to stand against domestic abuse and support survivors in your community, and celebrate together as the Restored community!

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