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Three reasons anti-poverty programs don’t work, and how there’s a better way 
71% of people who escaped poverty said it was due to economic transformation such as jobs, new income, new businesses. Provides insight as to what works in eradicating poverty.
Choose Love
The Choose Love online shop is the world’s first to sell real products for refugees and displaced communities. There are three categories of products; Emergency Needs, Daily Survival, Building Futures.
Addressing human trafficking in your own backyard
David Batstone is a venture capitalist, business professor, PhD in theology. He discovered his favourite Indian restaurant had trafficked 500+ girls, aged 14 to 19 for forced labour. So what did David do?
Kenny - a story of trauma
All it takes is an alignment of circumstances, events which hit in violent succession, and then suddenly it’s your children in care, marked with a stigma that can seem indelible.
Clashing Agendas
David Freud tells the inside story of his battles - with Westminster and Whitehall alike - to modernize our welfare system inc Universal Credit. It is a riveting dialogue-driven account of how Government really works (or not).
My Dream, My Taste 
People are losing a public sense of what 'the good life' is and replacing it with their own individualised version which changes according to day-to-day tastes. They have become detached from the larger story of deep meaning.
How poverty makes workers less productive 
Poverty is like a parasite, consuming mental energy that could be put to more beneficial use. "Being poor is like having just pulled an all-nighter, and that hurts the ability to escape poverty."
Speaking of poverty, differently 
Poverty is really not a failure of the individual. We should see it instead as a failure of society. A society that fails to recognize the competence of people in poverty. A society that relies on a unhealthy conception of merit.
Home insurance for those needing it most
1/3 of of South Africa live in informal dwellings in settlements, rural villages. Many are shacks. For people living, working, raising families in these conditions, insurance protection is unavailable. Until now.
Vancouver gave people experiencing homelessness £4,500. It changed their lives. 
Half of the cash recipients moved into stable housing one month after they received the money. After 1 year, participants had an average of £600 still left in the bank.
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Events (2 found)

Online - Business Fights Poverty Together for 2022
Join Business Fights Poverty for a co-created workshop, bringing together thoughtful practitioners and practical scholars from across the Business Fights Poverty community. Together, we’ll chart the year ahead, discuss shared priorities and identify areas for collaborative action.

Get involved and get inspired, access practical insights, hear what’s top of mind among your peers, and find new partners. We believe an equitable future is a more resilient future.  Together, we can rebuild better. 

Each workshop will give you a chance to share your perspectives. The conversations will be kicked off by discussants who will share a couple of minutes of insights to spark the discussion.
1:00 to 2:15 PM GMT - Workshops: Round 1; Gender, Livelihoods, Learning and Skills
2:30 to 3:45 PM GMT - Workshops: Round 2; Partnerships, Climate Justice, Impact Measurement
4:00 to 5:15 PM GMT - Coaching Session
Online - Making Disciples on Council Estates
For anyone regardless of location, join a London City Mission conference online from 7-9 February 10am-1pm as they think Biblically and practically about making disciples on council estates. Gain insight from experienced church leaders and LCM missionaries as the following aspects are considered:

Day 1: Making Contact & Building Relationships
Day 2: Showing Love & Sharing the Gospel
Day 3: Welcoming & Integrating into the Christian Community.

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