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The 99 best things that happened in 2018
Reading the media can be very depressing - it does not give a holistic view of what is happening in the world - and some great things happened in 2018.
Hidden in plain sight
How one church found abundance in a community of material poverty. Viewing people - not programmes, finances, etc - as their most valuable resource moved church members beyond their own walls and out into the streets, where they discovered..
Cooking on a bootstrap
Simple recipes carefully costed for people to cook at home and incorporate more veg and plant-based foods on a budget.
The Heckman Equation
Early nurturing, learning experiences and physical health from ages 0-5 greatly impact success or failure in society. The best time to develop skills, social abilities is in the very early years when developmental support is most effective.
Stories of resilience 
Over the past 18 months, some charities in Scotland working in partnership with churches have been running a remarkable campaign to help make Scotland the first Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Aware nation in the world.
Behind on the basics  
For some people, just keeping up with basic household costs can be a real struggle. In 2017, 140,000 people who received debt advice from StepChange were behind on at least one of their essential household bills.
Fair pay for fair work 
A look at executive compensation by St Pauls Institute. Companies need to balance justice and self-interest in a way that society perceives as fair and supporting the common good.
Empathy not Sympathy  
Empathy binds us together. Sympathy divides us and turns us into consumers.
For the last, for the least, for the lost
A church began to attract people who through illness, poverty and disability were on the margins of society. The church grew and changed through this new life.
Empty-handed ministers - 2
Are You a Good Neighbour? is an online course designed to help you apply the principles of helping without hurting in everyday life—and take the first steps toward building personal relationships with people in poverty.

Events (2 found)

Building Churches on Estates - Worcester
@The Green Centre, Worcester Community Trust Gresham Road Worcester WR2 5QS
This is a day conference for those who are or who are thinking of building a Church or congregation on an estate where there are high levels of social housing. Through the day there will be a number of talks, Q&A sessions and times to meet each other and network. The Speakers include Martin Charlesworth (co-author of The Myth of the Undeserving Poor and A Church For the Poor, Nick & Christina Hoult who lead Southgate Family Church at Kings Norton, Birmingham and Jim Harper who has been working for many years in a number of ways serving the poor more recently Jim has planted a congregation on an estate in Worcester and has a vision to help plant many more.
Church in Hard Places Workshop - Oldham
@Oldham Bethel Church Waterloo Street Oldham OL4 1EQ
How the Local Church Brings Life to our Poorest Communities Presented by Acts 29 Church in Hard Places Many of the UK's poorest communities lack a vibrant, gospel-preaching church. If our poorest communities are going to be reached with the gospel then we need to change how we're doing ministry to the poor. Developing godly leaders, making disciples, planting churches, funding the work - these are just a few of the critical issues we need to address if we want to see our council estates reached with the gospel. Join us for this timely conversation as we present the challenges, suggest some ways forward, and build momentum towards healthy churches being planted and revitalised on council estates across the UK.

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