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Estates evangelism
In February 2019, the Bishop of Burnley, Philip North, spoke on a motion to have a church community on every significant social housing estate in the nation.
Transforming Poverty - small group course
Six sessions for churches and house groups using the film 'I, Daniel Blake' to engage with God’s heart for poverty in your community.
The 99 best things that happened in 2018
Reading the media can be very depressing - it does not give a holistic view of what is happening in the world - and some great things happened in 2018.
Hidden in plain sight
How one church found abundance in a community of material poverty. Viewing people - not programmes, finances, etc - as their most valuable resource moved church members beyond their own walls and out into the streets, where they discovered..
Cooking on a bootstrap
Simple recipes carefully costed for people to cook at home and incorporate more veg and plant-based foods on a budget.
The Heckman Equation
Early nurturing, learning experiences and physical health from ages 0-5 greatly impact success or failure in society. The best time to develop skills, social abilities is in the very early years when developmental support is most effective.
Stories of resilience 
Over the past 18 months, some charities in Scotland working in partnership with churches have been running a remarkable campaign to help make Scotland the first Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Aware nation in the world.
Behind on the basics  
For some people, just keeping up with basic household costs can be a real struggle. In 2017, 140,000 people who received debt advice from StepChange were behind on at least one of their essential household bills.
Fair pay for fair work 
A look at executive compensation by St Pauls Institute. Companies need to balance justice and self-interest in a way that society perceives as fair and supporting the common good.
Empathy not Sympathy  
Empathy binds us together. Sympathy divides us and turns us into consumers.

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Empowering the church to empower the poor - Great Yarmouth
@The Kings Centre, 30 Queen Anne's Road Great Yarmouth, NR31 0LE
This conference, led by the Pathways from Poverty team and administrated by Kingsgate, Great Yarmouth, is open to everyone who wants to be encouraged and equipped to be part of a church that welcomes the poor and sees lives transformed, as people are empowered to walk on pathways out of poverty.

In the UK and across continental Europe, the church is finding itself coming face to face with an ever growing tide of needs within its local community. From food and fuel poverty, to loneliness, isolation and relationship breakdown, from debt, to housing insecurity, long term unemployment and addictions. These issues are robbing people of hope for the future, damaging the mental health and wellbeing of all sections of our society, impacting young and old alike.

As we connect more and more with people living in and with these difficult circumstances, how do we keep on loving and not grow weary? How do we empower people to move forwards and not create dependencies? How do we enable people to become actively engaged in our local church communities? How do we respond with compassion yet still strive for justice?

Addressing these issues and more are the goals of this valuable and inspiring day. There will be worship, teaching, practical seminars, opportunities to meet new people, browse stands and hear about some great church-based community projects, all designed to help you to make a difference in your local community, bringing hope and transformation to the broken world around us.

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