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Preparing young people for the world of work 
Many think they did not receive enough support in education to prepare for careers. Many dissatisfied with current job, career progression due to poor-quality management and lack of training holding them back.
Knowing when to quit
“What are the signs that, if I see them in the future, will cause me to exit the road I’m on? What could I learn about the state of the world or the state of myself that would change my commitment to this decision?”
Making Change: What Works
Movements change the world. Throughout history, loosely organised networks of individuals and organisations have sought changes to societies – and won. What can we learn from success or failure?
Reducing discrimination between groups 
A 'shared identity' helps bring people together. We may have institutions that make it hard for some to stay part of a common identity. People are not hardwired to be racist, etc - we are hardwired to be group-ish.
What do friends have to do with economic mobility? 
Social capital-the strength of one's social network, community-is a determinant of outcomes from education to health. A study reveals importance of friendships across socioeconomic class lines and more...
The case for Living Wages
Paying living wages throughout core operations and the value chain strengthens business performance, resilience, stability, while delivering measurable social impact and enabling more effective delivery on human rights obligations.
Insight into trauma-informed education settings
Six core principles that value and nurture transformative relationships with young people without re-traumatising. For a school program to be effective, it must include four R’s and embed principles across school..
Facing the poverty tsunami
COVID, conflict, climate change are some of challenges driving tsunami of poverty already crashing into lives of vulnerable people, communities around the world. An extra 1bn people will live in poverty. How can business help?
Working in partnership for positive health - stories from Fleetwood
In Lancashire, a range of local partners are creatively collaborating with local residents across the community to positively change things. Initiative is known as Healthier Fleetwood.
When do your secrets hurt your wellbeing? 
While there is nothing inherently wrong with having secrets - it depends what the secret is and what revealing involves - the more burdensome it is for you to keep, the more likely it will affect your well-being.
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Online - Prosperity around the world: diverging or converging?
Since 2007, the Legatum Prosperity Index™ has evaluated long-term changes in global prosperity, pinpointing drivers of progress and highlighting those nations that have made the greatest strides forward.

The 2023 Index will be launched at this event.

National success is about more than just wealth. And yet, traditionally we have used narrow measures of wealth, such as GDP, as our benchmark to determine the success of nations. The Legatum Prosperity Index™ goes beyond this to measure countries’ success against a broad set of metrics covering areas such as health, education, governance, personal freedom, social capital, enterprise conditions, and more. The Index assesses the performance of 167 countries across 12 pillars, underpinned by 67 policy-focused elements, to provide a comprehensive and holistic picture of prosperity.

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