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Community businesses - helping make places better 
"With their ability to adapt and respond swiftly to their communities’ changing needs, community businesses are playing an integral role in levelling up the country towards a fairer economy."
Do less and feel good about it 
During the pandemic we experienced a period of less and as we come out of that period, there could be a tendency to add, to get busy, to fill our time. 5 key insights as to why we do this and how to prevent..
Digital Compass
A behaviourally informed programme, designed with young people to help them behave ethically online. A positive impact on their online experiences; knowledge, new coping strategies, responsibility, consequences of their actions.
The need to belong is a fundamental and human motivation. And that means we will find somewhere to belong to regardless of whether it's healthy, regardless of whether it's safe. Regardless of anything, we'll find somewhere to belong to.
Space for community: strengthening our social infrastructure 
"Social infrastructure is central to providing hope and support for communities, particularly when led by individuals with a deep understanding of and connection to those communities.”
Creating a 'Social Business City'
Taoyuan City, Taiwan has created “an enabling ecosystem for social businesses, social enterprises and social innovation” by removing obstacles and giving them the “power, means, opportunities and authority to pursue their goals”
An online parenting program for divorced parents 
Most divorced or separated parents ask themselves, “What can I do to protect my children from the problems that often follow divorce?” An online parenting-after-divorce programme backed by research..
Four core regrets in life
“How often do you look back in your life and wish you had done something differently?” Analysis of 23,000 regrets from around world show four core regrets and how regret, while painful in the moment, can help us move forward.
Using mass media to create positive behaviour change and peacebuilding 
Mass media propaganda has been used to generate hatred and perpetuate conflict. Can it also be a tool to maintain and rebuild peace and change negative behaviour? Some insights..
The expectation of fatherhood as a vocation 
Without an involved father, the family cannot approach the perfection of which it is capable. We must do everything in our power to recapture, reignite, and recommit to the expectation of fatherhood as a vocation, a calling in life.
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Online - Roundtable: Domestic abuse in a Christian faith context
Presenting research into domestic abuse in the Christian faith community & recommendations for raising awareness & developing best response.

Domestic abuse charity Restored together with Broken Rites, an organisation working to support divorced clergy spouses, and Professor Lisa Oakley and Dr Clea Wright of Chester University have conducted research into domestic abuse in the Christian faith community and the role the church can play in responding to survivors. 

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