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Low-level, poorly resolved conflict between parents affects children's mental health 
Damage is done not by a few instances, but by chronic interactions. Children become more sensitive to episodes which are exhausting emotionally and increase insecurity.
Impact-Weighted Accounts 
The legitimacy of a business should depend on its ability to create value for society. How do you measure that and create accounting standards that reflect a company’s financial, social and environmental performance?
Whole people - healing communities
Trauma interrupts normal child development and exacts deep costs, to both the individual and the community. Here is a story of one neighbourhood working to change its destiny..
What is prosperity?
Prosperity is much more than mere wealth or economic growth. True prosperity is when all people have the opportunity to thrive and freedom to fulfill their unique potential taking responsibility for contributing to their communities and nations.
Volunteering and human flourishing 
For many, engaging in volunteering can be a powerful way to contribute to the good of others, to the community, to the common good, and to the good of the person volunteering as well - with significant health benefits.
Are businesses ditching purpose post-Covid? 
What impact will the crisis have on organisational purpose? Will SMEs continue to embrace it, or deem it a luxury they can no longer afford? Research uncovers the answers..
The health benefits of cleanliness and being organised
It’s clear that staying clean and organized is a good thing. It helps us feel better about ourselves, it keeps us productive and it may very well keep us physically fit.
Chatta - positive impact in speaking, writing and learning
Designed to increase the quality and quantity of parent/child interaction via school. 40% greater progress in both speaking and understanding than children without Chatta.
Protecting your relationship in the shadow of Covid-19 
Covid-19 raises new challenges for our most cherished relationships. There are three keys which can help couples. They are simple to remember and potent. They may help you, now...
The contact hypothesis 
Prejudice, hatred and racism stem from a lack of contact. We generalise wildly about strangers because we don’t know them. So the remedy seems obvious: more contact.
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Online - The Connected Generation Report
In partnership with World Vision, the research organisation Barna has conducted its largest ever study, and it’s looking at both Millennials and Generation Z, examining the unique characteristics that shape 18-35 year olds - both the challenges they face but also the amazing opportunities to bring about change. 

There will be interviews and an opportunity for Q&A, plus we’ll also be reflecting on last year’s Everything Conference, as we try and grapple with the question: 'How can we best position ourselves to make a difference for good in the world around us?' 

Whether you are a Millennial yourself, or you’re leading those who are in that age group, we hope this evening will give a better understanding not just of what shapes this generation, but how this generation can be equipped in order to bring about lasting change.

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