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Online - West Yorkshire Community Resilience Event
Event for colleagues and other stakeholders from across West Yorkshire and Harrogate. Our guest speakers and partner colleagues from all sectors and all communities will come together to share thoughts and learning about community resilience before, during Covid-19 and moving forward. Working alongside our communities is an important part of our partnership - seeing the people we serve as assets. Working alongside local communities, ward councillors, council colleagues, voluntary community organisations and many others is essential if we are to fully understand the real value of early help and self-care. There is a wealth of expertise across West Yorkshire and Harrogate and communities are better placed than us to know what they need and to make positive change happen. If we are to genuinely work alongside communities as equal partners, then we need to change our relationships and build trust. We have good leadership from the voluntary sector, and we are attracting support from Healthwatch, NHS England, Nurture Development and National Voices to help us to think about our next steps.

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