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Turning customers into activists
Tony’s Chocolonely was set up in 2005 with a clear purpose: “Together we make chocolate 100% slave free”. It pursues that purpose by producing and selling chocolate. They actively track down and combat child labour.
Case studies of modern slavery
Izna was not paid properly for her work. She was unable to leave because the family she worked for had bought a small house for her family in India. She would had to stay to work for decades in order to pay off the debt.
Detecting modern slavery in your supply chain
Modern slavery is often invisible, hidden in factories, small farms, plantations, etc. It is challenging to detect and hard to eradicate. Two apps are emerging to help detect issues.
Lausanne Global Classroom: Wealth Creation 
Highlights the importance of wealth creation for global Christianity and the church in order to inspire young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and individuals.
A hidden history of women in the East End tour
Beyond the Streets have organised a walking tour of London's East End in connection with the East End Women: The Real Story Exhibition to raise awareness of sexual exploitation.
Don't shut your eyes
Human trafficking and other forms of exploitation are all around us. Victims may be washing your car, painting your nails, picking your food, etc. How do you spot the signs?

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Online - Working towards a world without slavery
Working towards a world without slavery - It’s a big aim and a big task, but the team at Unseen believe they can do it. By concentrating their efforts on three main areas - supporting, equipping and influencing - they can start to tackle the issue in a way that really works. Their specialist care is the first step in the fight against slavery. Through supporting survivors, their provision gives them a safe place to recover from trauma and rebuild their lives. Their practices are researched thoroughly, enabling them to identify the key issues surrounding slavery and exploitation, and equipping themselves and others with effective, targeted solutions.

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