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Nourish - helping to address maternal mental health
“The transition from being an independent career woman to a mother whose focus was nappies, sleep routines, feeds, was one of the most challenging life adjustments.” The Nourish app aims to help..
In-person events - turnout has been mixed, for many a failure, but why?
An “Attitudes to Events" survey of delegates, speakers, event organisers and sponsors revealed four key takeaways...
He Gets Us
A campaign in USA designed to create cultural change in the way people think about Jesus and His relevance in their lives. After extensive research, it launched in March 22. Already ads have had 200m+ YouTube views, 2Bn+ impressions on TV/media.
Digital mission - 3
What is the 'ask'? Go and have a look at your church's social media presence. Realise that we can go to them and we can meet people where they are first - like Jesus did - rather than say 'come'.
Digital mission - 2
We need to be present at the wells, the pools and the marketplaces just as Jesus was in our online communities. Where could these be for you? Could it be the local Facebook group, local hashtags, local business social media?
Charity resilience and volunteering trends
Charity leaders report their biggest challenge is organisational resilience. How to address? Volunteering trends in pandemic have changed. Are these permanent or temporary?
Digital mission - 1
How can we as Christians, as church communities, mark success as digital missionaries? The danger is that we could get sucked into the influencer culture - narcissistic, chasing mass approval and likes. What can we do differently?
R;pple - suicide prevention technology
Alice Hendy lost her brother Josh, 21, on 25/11/2020 to suicide. Josh had been researching how to take his own life via harmful internet searches. In order to prevent more suicides, Alice set up R;pple to discretely intercept harmful searches.
How to support your teen’s mental health 
Given the challenges teens have and are facing due to the pandemic, a Clinical Psychologist gives 9 tips on how to support your child’s mental health going forward..
Gen Z snapshot: 4 youth culture trends in 2021 
What are the latest trends for today’s young people, aka. Generation Z (born 1995 - before the early 2010s)? What's their world like and how are they spending their time? How are you connecting with them?
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Online - Stronger Digital
A live online hosted event at various times across 4 days that invites speakers to help us look at digital from different angles. Key questions we're asking: What's coming (preparing); what's happening (reflecting); what do we need to know (learning).
Whether it’s social media, Web 3, AR, VR or crypto, God calls the Church to go out in the strength of His Spirit, to be salt and light, and allow God to breathe life through the work of our hands. This event will help shape opinion, bring visibility, and equip you for key aspects of the digital landscape we live in, both personally and professionally.


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