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Turning online attendance to deeper engagement
Turning online attendance to deeper engagement. The transition from cyber church to physical church is not necessarily a smooth or fluid one. Recognise the audience. It's a different audience with a different set of needs.
Edtech for good: using tech to navigate the impacts of Covid-19 
Education faces some fundamental shifts. There has been unprecedented demand on Edtech companies to help organisations in this uncertain period and adapt.
Tech for good in the fight against coronavirus 
The emergence of technological solutions has been one light at the end of the tunnel. Details about some of the most innovative tech solutions that have sprung up throughout the world.
AI has discovered a new antibiotic to kill bacteria
In laboratory tests, the drug killed many of the world’s most problematic disease-causing bacteria, including some strains that are resistant to all known antibiotics.
Digital health projects helping citizens lead healthier lives 
Making data available and useful to citizens, to help them lead healthier and more independent lives. Some stories of individuals who are starting to use the technologies.
Detecting modern slavery in your supply chain
Modern slavery is often invisible, hidden in factories, small farms, plantations, etc. It is challenging to detect and hard to eradicate. Two apps are emerging to help detect issues.
Aiming to help one billion people reduce food wastage 
Olio's app prevents food waste by connecting neighbours with each other and with local businesses so surplus food can be shared, not thrown away.
Tranquiliti - wellbeing of students at the heart of school strategy
Technology generating student-led insights into key drivers of academic success, while directly supporting students’ flourishing.
No Isolation robot
Enables children with long-term illness to virtually attend school, socialise with classmates and remain connected. It becomes their eyes, ears and voice in the classroom.
Teaching prisoners coding 
"It’s rare to meet so many passionate learners, and their drive is humbling and contagious to be around. Graduates are now working as programmers, product managers..."
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Online - Will AI change education as we know it?
Nesta - When it comes to the role of AI in education, the combined forces of a long period of home-schooling, significant changes in skills required by employers and breakthroughs in technology are changing the landscape at a rapid pace.

So what should we expect from AI within the education sphere now and in the future? How do traditional classrooms continue to integrate technology and use it to provide the best and most supportive learning outcomes?

With AI constantly advancing, so many new opportunities are opening up to educators and students. Join us to explore how we can best use the innovative tools we now have at our disposal in a conversation with Dr Wayne Holmes and Lord Tim Clement-Jones

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