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Beating the bias in AI 
As organisations implement machine learning algorithms, it is crucial that we understand the implications of the biased decisions AI can make. ETIQ have built tools to detect and stop the bias, unfairness and bad decisions.
Modern slavery due diligence technology 
Slavery is an issue of our time and exists in all industries and countries. Companies are expected to conduct ongoing due diligence. Failure to act creates ethical, operational, reputational and legal risk.
You marry the mission and date the model
"Hey, we're out of the 'Here comes Sunday' rhythm. So what can we do with this time? What can we do with this energy? What can we do digitally? What can we do in the community to be the hands and feet of Jesus?"
Evangelism in a digital age - 5
People are dropping into our online presence and seeking to hear about God, to encounter God, to see if God encounters them. They have just found a safe place to find their answers about God
Evangelism in a digital age - 4
The success of online church depends on understanding online platforms as a particular kind of space, rather than merely a means of projecting my church into your living room.
Evangelism in a digital age - 2 
It's all about context, context, and context. Different ways of presenting material and sharing your own story, connecting with different people groups. Do not underestimate the importance of simple things..
Evangelism in a digital age - 1
The key about sharing faith through digital media is to build relationships within affinity groups. You belong and can share faith personally, rather than think of preaching on internet platforms to people you don't know.
I met God online
To stress the importance of how this generation is using the internet to answer spiritual questions, listen to Kimberley's testimony.
Chatta - positive impact in speaking, writing and learning
Designed to increase the quality and quantity of parent/child interaction via school. 40% greater progress in both speaking and understanding than children without Chatta.
Youth STEM Matters 
Glasgow based social enterprise, YouthSTEM2030, is determined to empower young people around the world to use science, technology, engineering and maths to change the world through progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
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Online - Rage Against the Machine - Discipleship in the digital age
One thing has become crystal clear over the last year: we’re incredibly dependent on technology. With family chats on Zoom, working from home, and church online, our screen time has gone through the roof, and we’ve relied on tech to connect us to the outside world. 

But how often do we stop to think about how the technology we use every day is forming us? Is it possible that our technology is subtly teaching us what’s good, what’s evil, and what it means to be human? As the digital world grows in influence, it’s vital to understand how it serves – and violates – God’s purposes for creation. Because as Christians, we all have a duty to use our technology in a way that brings healing to ourselves and our communities – and communicates the gospel to our virtual neighbours in a meaningful way.

Join us for an evening of lively discussion on this crucial topic – and discover together what it looks like to make a difference for Christ in this tech-dominated age.
Kingdom Code BUILD - Leeds and London
@St. John's, Hoxton Pitfield Street London N1 6NP and St George's Centre 60 Great George St Leeds LS1 3DL
Kingdom Code BUILD is an annual hackathon in partnership with Indigitous #Hack, bringing together Christians who work in the world of tech from across Europe.

Join Christian technologists from across the UK and beyond to share ideas and kick start projects that integrate our Christian faith and technical skill sets.

Whether you’re a developer, designer, project manager, branding/marketing expert, ideator or something else entirely, enjoy taking a weekend to meet and work with others in the Kingdom Code community who share your desire to see God glorified through technology. 

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