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Lessons learned from B Inspired 
A conference hosted by B Corps attended by over 600 people looking to explore the changing role of business in society. Some insights from a delegate.
How British moral attitudes have changed in the last 30 years 
Views on moral issues have become increasingly liberal. Today far more tolerant of illegal drug use, homosexuality, abortion, depictions of violence, aspects of sex in popular culture and other issues.

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Engaging in public life - Bristol
@Woodlands Church Belgrave Road Bristol BS8 2AA
The Influence Tour 2.0. “The difference between just making noise and having influence is relationships”. Christians in Politics exists to inspire and equip Christians from across denominations and the political spectrum to respond to God’s call to engage in public life. We’re calling Christians not to simply shout from a distance but rather to work to build meaningful relationships with those whom we will not necessarily agree with on everything. In our increasingly fractured political system and society, the need has never been greater to call Christians into brave relationships, putting aside differences to work together for the common good and to see Kingdom values represented in the public sphere.
Championing Economic Justice in Your Workplace - London
@LICC, St Peter's, Vere Street, London W1G 0DQ
Economist, theologian, and church minister Andy Hartropp will teach on economic justice and lead attendees in examining how we might ‘do justice’ in and through our workplace roles. God has called us to live in a way that declares his sovereignty over all things. And this is not a topic reserved for charities, thought-leaders, or brave B-Corp entrepreneurs. Championing justice in economic life is central to our own witness as followers of Christ. The values we display in our work testify to God’s own values – his love, his justice – and to his place in our lives, as well as our place in his workmanship.
Sexting, Social Media and Staying Safe Online - Preston
@Christ Church, 124 Lord St, Southport PR8 1AA
Young people who send and receive sexts are more likely to engage in early sexual behaviours that brings with it a range of emotional, sexual and physical risks. In a culture that ‘rates’ teen boys for sexual activity & ‘shames' girls, technology plays a significant role in amplifying the pressures many young people feel oppressed by. Led by Rachel Gardner, Youthscape, this one-day seminar will equip youth practitioners and parents to respond positively to the curiosity and peer pressure young people experience, and will equip you with ways to empower young people to engage in critical thinking about what they see, hear and do.

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