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Online - Kx Leaders Day - Discipling God’s People for Fruitful Workplace Engagement
Everybody’s work is different. And everybody’s workplace is different – the sector, the health, the culture, the people, the attitude to faith. In the last ten years much progress has been made in workplace ministry but for many workers there are two big blocks – the lack of conviction that their work, their particular work matters to God, and a sense of powerlessness, guilt, shame and weariness when it comes to effective workplace witness.
How then can help see the wide range people in our congregations see why their particular work matters to God – from stacking shelves to writing code, from cleaning windows to calculating corporation tax? And how can we empower a wide range of people engage intentionally, fruitfully, in word and witness in such a wide variety of working environments?
In-Person - Heaven in Healthcare 2022 - Kent
@Eastgate, 141 Springhead Parkway, Northfleet
Imagine if Jesus was a colleague in your workplace. What difference would he make? This image is one that helps shape our thinking at Heaven in Healthcare and underpins our vision. Let your imagination run free as you consider and dream about the possibilities….
We invite you to be part of the ongoing great adventure of learning how to see the full resources of Christianity utilised within the Healthcare environment. The outcome will be enhanced healthcare provision, enhanced job satisfaction for healthcare workers (of any description), and the good news of our glorious God being more widely known.
We invite you to come, gather, and be part of a community of like-minded Christians who are encouraging and stimulating one another in the pursuit of the kingdom of heaven. You will hear amazing stories and meet inspirational people, and we look forward to connecting with you and hearing your own stories. The Holy Spirit is at work in all Christians and He gives us limitless potential so that the outcome of our lives will be more than we could possibly ask or imagine.
Heaven in Healthcare is built around a framework of three foundational elements that work together towards this outcome, and this Autumn Conference will be based on these things:
Renewing Hope;
Building Faith;
Releasing Dreams.
In-Person - Work+Go - Manchester
@Radisson Park Inn, Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester,
Share the good news of Jesus among other cultures, right where you are.
The workplace is more diverse than ever: full of people from different ethnicities, nationalities, and social backgrounds. What’s more, a growing number of workers find themselves working closely with teams based in different regional – or even international – offices, sometimes with travel commitments to match.
All this means that now, as much as ever, the workplace is a mission field. When Christians apply Jesus’ message to and through their work, they are doing so in a key setting with the potential to influence cultures near and far.
Work+Go will inspire delegates with the biblical principles and practical skills to do this.

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