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Youthscape Film School Masterclass - Luton
@Youthscape, Bute Mills, 74 Bute St, Luton, LU1 2EY

Two daily masterclasses run by James Chapman, an international Filmmaker and other incredible creators. The classes will cover a wide range of themes from finding your purpose as a filmmaker and the art of storytelling, to technique and post-production. The classes have been designed to cover the essentials of filmmaking; whether you have only just picked up your camera or you’ve been filming for years. 

Each day you’ll have a big chunk of time to put into practice what you’ve learnt. We want you to come away from this film school with videos you’re proud of. The workshops will take you through the process of creating a video from beginning to end, and you’ll have the opportunity in these times to collaborate with others, or go it alone.

Work Matters: Kingdom Living in the Corporate World - London
@Central Working 25 Eccleston Place Victoria London SW1W 9NF
Work Matters is a new and exciting initiative designed to support Christians in the workplace. 

It is birthed out of a vision that God not only wants to equip us to share Jesus and influence the culture wherever we work but also together to change the way business is done. We will be looking at how to release the power of the Kingdom, and spiritual gifts in the workplace as well as bringing Biblical values, truth and wisdom.

Work Matters is led by a team of businesspeople and church leaders from a range of corporate, financial and professional service backgrounds working in London. The day will be interactive, encouraging and envisioning with practical tools as to how to be more effective at work. 

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